Conditional (Subjunctive, Konjunktiv)

Conditional (Konjunktiv)

We learn what Conditional is at its core and why I don’t call it by its official name subjunctive. Then, we’ll learn how it works in the present tense AND we’ll learn how to build the würde-conditional :). Sounds more than it is… but it’s the foundation.

We’ll learn how to build and when and for which verbs to actually use the Real Conditional. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here, we’ll learn how to use the other few verbs… verbs like to be, to have, can, must and more.

Now things get real :). We’ll learn how to say “would have done” and stuff like this. Almost every learning is making mistakes there, but I have a very simple 2 step system to get it right… ALL THE TIME.

And now it gets super real. We’ll learn how to say stuff like “would have been able to” or “would have wanted to”. We can use the system we already learned BUT… we need to let go of what we thought was the most basic German grammar.