Advent Calendar 18 – “For the players”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: May 29, 2020

Hello everyone,

and welcome to day 18 of our advent calendar, this time with a little language game called

Assassin’s Creed 4 – TestDaf

Yeah, you wish :).
Seriously though, today I want to play two little games with you. They’re not nothing special, or unique to German or anything and many of you probably know it. But maybe not in a language learning context. And I think they’re actually a pretty cool way to practice and repeat vocabulary. It’s a bit dull alone but we can have some fun here :).

So, the idea of the first one, let’s call it Word-Box is as follows: You take a word and see how many words you can build with the letters in that word. Let’s do a simple example:

  • English
    nigh, she, sling, gin, his, in, sleigh, I, shin

Quite a few for such a short word and I probably forgot a few.

The second game, we’ll call it Associations,  is something they often do during huddle in Football… wait, I meant creative writing workshop…. uh.. clearly I haven’t been to one in a while.
But yeah, so you take a word and then you have to associate words or phrases for each letter. It’s harder to explain than to understand so let’s just do an example

  • G rievance
    E xtra complicated
    R ules
    M asculine
    A nti student
    N ot fun

Just whatever comes to mind first is best. Often it’s the subconscience that makes the association. That’s how my therapist found out about my squirrel trau… but I digress.

So… these are the two little games and now let’s actually play them :). The word is for the first game is .. drumroll…

  • Weihnachtsbaum

And trust me… there are a LOT of German word hidden in this one. Let’s see if we can find them all in the comments. And just so everyone can contribute, please don’t post more than 4. … because.. 4th of advent and so on. 
Oh and for the second game… you can choose between Deutsch and  Advent. I’m really curious to read your associations :).
Also, what about the game itself? Do you think it’s helpful for a language learner? Or not at all? Do you know other fun little games like that? And do you maybe know an app for the first game by any chance? Let me know in the comments below.
As always, one of you will win a little giveaway and I’ll pick the winners after Christmas so you can take your time.
Schönen Tag euch,  and bis morgen.

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