Advent Calendar 24 – “Merry Christmas”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: October 16, 2019

Hello everyone,

wow, last door of our Advent Calendar and phew… that whole calendar was a lot of work. So you had better enjoyed it!
You hear me! Have it enjoyed!
If you didn’t, then go back and do it! Do your duty and enjoy thecalendar, for God’s sa… okay, okay, I’ll stop with the silly (for this year. Next year is a whole other story)
I really hope you enjoyed the calendar. I sure did, thanks to all your feedback and comments. It’s really great to interact with you and it’s really really motivating. I might actually do something like this more often, if you liked it. Some sort of  “extreme week” or something.
But that’s all stuff for next year.

So, what’s behind door number 24? A Christmas card.. uh… kinda, sorta.

Emanuel’s Christmas Card (jpg)

Yup, that’s me, hard at work :). If you see me in the streets of Berlin, say hi. And yup. I always wear that hat, even in summer. Oh and yup. I did the drawings. If you want to exhibit my art or purchase a drawing, please contact my agent :).

I wish you guys an amazing, relaxing Christmas and a chill time “zwischen den Jahren”.

Fröhliche Weihnachten euch allen.
(and if you don’t care about Christmas, have a relaxing and chill random few days :)

Oh… I’ll pick the winners of the daily give-away in the coming days and I’ll reach out to you by email.

Oh and the years before I posted my Christmas song of the year, so I want to keep that tradition. This song is nowhere near as cool as the one from last year or the year before and the lyrics are really stupid, but I like it for some reason.



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