Advent Calendar 2019 – Misfits

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 9, 2019


Hello everyone,

day number nine of our Epic Advent Calater… uh… I mean calendar.
I’m a little late today because yesterday I had to work, and after that I was out for a few drinks last night and then I realized that I actually hadn’t finished the post yet. So now here I am with my coffee introducing you to door nine, behind which we find… something to wrack your brains a little :).
We’ll do a quiz that we did last year once which I think is really fun. At least it’s fun to create it. I call it “Find the Misfit”.
Here’s how it works:

I will give you three words and you have to pick the one that doesn’t fit. You might know this format from intelligence tests, but there’s a small difference.
Today, the difference has NOTHING to do with the meaning of a word.
Let’s say the example is

Mensch, Maus, Tisch

If we look at the meaning then we can give all kinds of answers. We could say Tisch doesn’t fit, because it’s not alive. We could say Maus doesn’t fit, because it’s the only item we do NOT want in our kitchen. And we could say Mensch doesn’t fit because it’s the only one who destroys the environment. #sad
That’s actually why I hate these questions in intelligence tests. Because the answer is never as clear or unambiguous as they think.
In this quiz, the correct answer would be Maus, because it’s die Maus, while the other words are both der.

But it’s not always the gender, of course. Sometimes it’s the plural, sometimes the words’ function, sometimes the preposition they go with, and so on.
But it’s always a grammatical aspect and NOT the meaning. Oh and also not the spelling.

The quiz starts out easy and then it gets pretty hard. But you can always get a little hint if you need one.
Oh and there might be more than one correct answer to the questions. I tried my best to avoid that but often there are things you don’t think about.
So if you find an alternative solution, just leave it in a comment. And of course also your questions and how you like this quiz.
Cool… so I’d say, enjoy the brain work and I’ll see you tomorrow :)!

EDIT: Hints aren’t showing :/. I don’t know what to do, I’ll have to see later if I can fix it!!


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