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Written By: Emanuel Updated: November 26, 2020

Hello everyone,

not a real post but I have some site news.

My newsletter

This year, there have been many instances of some of you not getting any newsletters for weeks even though you’re subscribed.
And last week, after procrastinating this for literally a couple of years and running into tech issues, I have switched to a new upgraded version of the software I’m using.
I think everything worked fine with the upgrade but this post is pretty much the test-run.

So if the newsletter looked weird or a link wasn’t working or something…. please leave a comment here!
Don’t send me an email please, my inbox is a MESS.

EDIT: I’ve actually already run into some unexpected issues, since starting to send, but overall it’s okay, I think.

Now you’re probably like “Wait, a new software is a good thing. So what’s up with the sad puppies?”

Well, that’s because of the other news… a confession actually…

The Advent Calendar is Cancelled

If you’ve been following this site for more than a year, then you probably know what I mean. For the last five years, I have always done a German learning Advent Calendar. So in December I would post a little post each day, with quizzes, cool little words, some culture stuff, puzzles and recommendations.
It was really cool and it was always really great to see how you enjoy it and to interact with you in the comments.

But it was also always an UNBELIEVABLE stress fest. I always tried to prepare it and I never managed it and always ended up being behind and really stressed.
So when the thought came up this year, and I started collecting ideas, I also felt stress and anxiety rise up. I tried but I always felt stressed even thinking about it and when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to properly prepare it again, I decided that I’m gonna skip this year. It’s sad  – as I said, I liked the interaction portion of it.
But yeah… I just can’t do it this year. Tut mir leid :/.
So instead of a fun, exciting, hilarious, informative little article each day, we’ll have business as usual in December… one post per week, about a word and its family or whatever… oh man… it’s really a pity.

Anyway, let me know if there were any issues with the newsletter and otherwise I’ll see you in a few days with something normal.



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