German Past Tense – Exercise

Hello everyone,

you thought we were done with it. You thought we’d left it behind. You thought it was past. But it’s not.

It’s back!!!

With a vengeance. And it’s hell bent on making you suffer…. the German Past Tense.
Uh, I mean practice :).
We did a laughable, puny work-out session two weeks ago, right after we talked about when to use written past in spoken. But the topic is so important for daily conversation we totally have to do a big work out session for this. And now is the perfect time because we’ve forgotten pretty much everything. It’s this method that we developed here called SRS and it’s based on much, much research. Super scienfitic.
So yeah, today we’ll do a HUUUUGE work-out on speaking idiomatic spoken past.
Here’s how it works :

I’ll give you a sentence in present tense and you have to put it into the proper past tense. The solutions are right next to the example in the audio, so you also get to train your listening comprehension. And I’ve decided to NOT put the translations right under the sentences, so you ALSO get to train your reading comprehension and your ability to guess from context.
So the work-out is basically like doing dead-lifts and crunches at the same time while being on a treadmill :).

If you want to refresh your memory, you can jump to the article about the theory right here:

Oh, and here are the most common irregular verbs that use written past in spoken German


So, let’s jump right in.
Viel Spaß :)

Past Tense Work Out

Put the blue verbs into the idiomatic past tense (sometimes, two options are possible).
Oh and if you need the translations, you can find them here (pdf).


12. In der Gebrauchsanweisung steht, dass man das  Handy erst mal komplett aufladen muss.
17. “Wie gefällt dir dein Deutschkurs?”
Ist ok. Die Leute sind nett, aber der Lehrer geht mir ein bisschen auf die Nerven.”
22. Maria ist sehr gestresst, weil sie schnell eine Wohnung finden muss.
24. Wir wollen zu dem Konzert gehen, aber das geht nicht, weil die Tickets schon ausverkauft sind.


Whew, half time. Time for a coffee break :)


30. Ich komme total spät nach Hause, weil ich Überstunden machen muss.
  1. “Warum ist Thomas so sauer?”
37. Ich  habe Probleme mit den Artikeln. Ich kann mir nie merken, ob etwas männlich, weiblich oder sächlich ist.
44.  Es liegt vor allem an meinem Chef, dass die  Stimmung im Büro heute so schlecht ist.


You made it :)

Toll gemacht.
How’d you do? Did you get all of them right? Or just some? Or none? Did you have any problems with the word ordering? Are there examples where you’re confused about the past I chose? And did you enjoy doing this?
Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it and make you a past tense master.
I hope you enjoyed this, have a great week and see you next time.