Advent Calendar 2022 – Netflix and Chill

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 4, 2022

“Netflix and Chill”

Hallo ihr alle,

day number 4 and the second Advent. Great time for some Netflix and Chill.
But that’s not what is behind this door.
The only thing wild, passionate and almost feral thing we do here is learning about German.

So what’s really behind today’s door?
It’s the Nemesis of Netflix and Chill:

Youtube and Learn

Seriously though, a while ago I came across a video about the various families of the Indo-European languages that I really liked and that I wanted to share with you.
I already shared a video about Indo-European a couple of years ago in the calendar, but that one was more focused on the absolute origin.
The one I want to share today gives us an overview over how the various branches evolved – the Latin branch, the Slavic branch, the Germanic branch and so on.

It’s really well made and informative and I definitely learned a few things I didn’t know. Which… actually isn’t that hard… I’m not an expert on this stuff by any means.

Anyway, if you’re interested in how the branches evolved and moved and changed, you’ll probably enjoy this. The very intro is a bit weird and generic, but
So if you need something to watch while eating dinner or lunch or just to relax, this is perfect.

Oh and by the way… they actually have a really interesting video sponsor for once, that they introduce in the beginning.
A service that lets you watch the video in several different languages, right there on Youtube, just by changing the settings.
German is not available for this video unfortunately, but if you’re learning Spanish or Hindi or Indonesian you can switch to those languages, too.

Anyway, viel Spaß with the video or just with a day off.
Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow :)


(Link to the video on Youtube: click here)

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