Super Crazy News !!

Written By: Emanuel Updated: June 7, 2016

Hello everyone,

I have really, really BIIIIIG news – and you will hate it :)
Party’s over. German is Easy will cost money now.
Now you’re all like “For real????”  and I’m like “Yeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” and you’re like “Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!” and I’m like “Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh”…
but seriously, it was about time.

Why not free anymore???

The blog is a part time job and I want to continue and make it cooler and better and bigger and add more awesome stuff and make German easier and easier. But I got bills to pay.
So far, I tried doing it via donations and some of you, quite a few did donate, sometimes so much that it shamed me (**if you’ve donated recently or if you’re a patron on Patreon will get a free membership… I’ll email you the coming days with details, same goes for a few of you who have commented a lot**).
But overall, it wasn’t what it could be and it didn’t work so now we’ll try a good old membership model.

How does it work now?

You can read two posts per week for free…. like… really free. For zero bucks. But if you want to read more, you have to become a member. You can choose between different lengths. 1 month costs 5 Dollar, a whole year is only 30 Dollars. That’s a fair price, I think. I mean… it’s about 10 cent per article

Besides unlimited access to the archive, I’m gonna make pdfs available to members in the coming months. I just have to figure out some issues with Google.

And I’ll make more nice changes to the site, so lots to look forward to.

I know it’s hard to pay for something that was free but I really hope you understand the change and join German is Easy as a member.
Join! Now!! Jetzt ! Sofort!

Become a member

(Oh and if you absolutely have no money… I still do not want to
exclude people just because they don’t have any cash. So if you’re
super broke and struggling to make ends meet… you’re welcome here.
Just send me an email and we’ll make it work. )

But wait, in an announcement like this…  aren’t there any DISCOUNTS???
Of course, and there’s not only 1, there are 4:

6 months for incredible 7 Dollars instead of 20.
This is for the earliest of the early. Just enter the following discount code
Uberearlyunicorns    Edit**: Sorry, all gone**
There are only 10 available so if the code isn’t working that means that  others were faster. But then you can try for the second one.

6 months for awesome 10 Dollars instead of 20.
To get this, just use the discount code:
Earlyunicorns  Edit**: Sorry, all gone**
There are only 20 of those deals though. If you miss it, try out the last one

6 months for okay 15 Dollars instead of 20.
The discount code is
And there are 300 of those available. And if that’s already taken, you could check for the last one… the hidden one.

12 months for friggin free.
Just enter the discount code you think I would give such a deal ;).  There are 3 such deals available.

If you didn’t get a discount… well, sorry. I hope you sign up anyway :). Here’s the link again.

Become a member

So that’s it. If you have questions about anything or if you want to complain or rant and vent or cry or just say hi… leave me a comment.
Hope you … uhm… liked this post and see you next time.

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