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Written By: Emanuel Updated: October 30, 2019

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our announcement of the day, which is

I have made a Podcast

Now you’re all going crazy like:
“Oh my Gaaaawd, Emanuel is doing a podcast!!! Finally we don’t have to read anymore. Not reading is sooo much better than reading.”
But nope. It’s not MY podcast :).
I was guest in the Easy German podcast. You know… the best Coco Chanel for learners.
Now you’re like:
“Oh my Gaaaawd, Easy German is doing a podcast!!!”

Yes, they flippin’ are.

Manuel – you might have seen him in some of the Easy German videos –  is in charge of that section of the ever growing Easy German Corporation, and each week he chats with Cari and /or guests about a certain topic. Like organizing your life. Or David Hasselhoff.
This is already pretty cool, but what makes this podcast really something special is the fact that there’s transcript.  Manuel actually transcribes the entire thing and he also prepares little vocabulary lists for the segments of the podcast, that you can see in your Podcast App .
You have to be a Patreon $2 supporter to get these extras. But even without them, the podcast is a great way to practice your listening skills.

So, in the new episode, Cari and Manuel have a guest. And that guest is me :).
We talk about Berlin and what we like and don’t like about it, we talk about gentrification, socialism, the recent hard limit on rent that Berlin has made into law, we WLAN in the subway (and the lack thereof ) and a lot of other things. It was really really fun to be there, and I’m sure you’ll really really enjoy listening to it. So here’s the links. The first one brings you directly to our episode, the second one brings you to their homepage where you can find the download and also info about which Podcast app to use to get the vocab snippets. And also the other episodes, which are also quite cool.
Not as cool as the one with me,obviously, because … my ego is very big :).

Episode 4 – Team WLAN (featuring me)

(scroll down for shownotes and the start of the transcript)

Easy German Podcast – Home Page  (general info)

Now, while we’re on the topic, I thought I’ll quickly address something.

Why I haven’t done a Podcast … yet

Ever since I started this website, people told me I should make it into a Podcast. I mean, people love Podcasts, the script is already there, it’s written as if I am speaking anyway, so all I’d have to do is to read it.
So why am I not doing it? Well, one of the reasons is that I am a bit vain and didn’t want people to hear my German accent. But that’s not the main reason.
The main reason is that… it wouldn’t work. Yes, it is written as if I am talking, but still, the mode of perception is reading. And that is much slower than listening.
You see, apart from the dumb jokes and silly tangents, most of the articles have are actually pretty dense.

“There’s this word, it has this core idea and it means that because of that.
Here’s three examples.
But it also means that because of that.
Here’s an example. Note that you can’t use it in THIS way, only in THAT context.
Cool. Then, there’s this related word…. “

That’s roughly how it would be and I honestly think that if you’re listening to something like that while driving or running or cooking or playing Minecraft, you will get like 10% of the content. But that’ll be enough so you won’t actually feel like taking the time to sit down and reading it. So having it as a Podcast probably means that you learn less. And I want you to learn MORE. I don’t care if you have a good time doi… wait, no, I do care.
But yeah, the great thing about a Podcast, at least in my opinion, is that you don’t have to pay attention the whole time. You can just zone out or focus on something else and often it’s okay.
My articles are the exact opposite. They actually only really work if you are 100% there while you read it.
So yeah… I haven’t turned them into Podcasts because I think it’s not the right medium for the content.

That said… I was recently watching a series of movie reviews, zodiac personality traits and How to be more Alpha … uhm… Harvard lectures by Leonard Bernstein on Youtube. It’s a series where he tries to find parallels between universalities in languages as proposed by Chomsky and music and how arts got more and more “unreveled” in the beginning of the 20th century. It’s really interesting, and the way he talks really resonated with me.
So then, a few days later, as I was working on an article about prefix verbs from a more general perspective, it hit me. The stuff I was writing – explaining broader concepts without loads of singular meanings and examples – actually does lend itself to perfectly being read out.
And it was then that I decided…  I … will.. READ IT :)!!
Look forward to that.

But yeah, for now, you can check out the Easy German podcast :). It’s almost 80 minutes and it’s really quite the ride.
The only read downside of their podcast is that they don’t really have a way to give feedback. So please, let me know how you liked it and all your thoughts about the stuff we talked about here :)
Looking forward to hearing it.
Viel Spaß und bis demnächst.

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