Der Osterhase war da

Written By: Emanuel Updated: April 5, 2024

Herzlichen Glückwunsch,

Du hast die Osterüberraschung gefunden!!

Like I said in the newsletter, I am taking a little easter break so there’s no new article this week. But I have teamed up with the Easter Bunny and there’s a little surprise waiting for you.

Well, two and a half surprises actually.
By the way, if you don’t know this tradition – the easter bunny is basically Santa Clause living out his inner Furry. And instead of dumping big, epic presents in the living room, Easter Clause leaves colored eggs and cholocate and other small treats in a nest under a bush in the yard or garden. Yeah… traditions.

But anyway, let’s see what the bunny has dropped for us.

Easter Egg 1

So, the first one is that I have added a new group of prefix verbs to the prefix verb dictionary – the verbs based on werfen.
It’s a total of 27 new verbs, all with examples of course.
You can find the complete list here

German Prefix Verb Dictionary – “werfen”

And from there, you can just navigate around.
Now, usually, you need a premium account to see such a list, but the Easter Bunny got you covered for werfen for a few days.

And also, while we’re at it, we’re also working on a few changes to the display and navigation over there.
One is that we’ll group these lists by separable, inseparable and mixed. One of you suggested that a few weeks ago, and I really liked the idea, so that’ll come soon.
And also, at the entries for prefix verbs, we’ll make it so the previous-next-navigation only shows verbs with the same baseverb. So can you navigate through one whole group even quicker.
More to come, but more on that another time.

Actually, I think I’ll have to start a separat newsletter for the dictionary at some point. For now though, I think here’s still the best way to communicate news, so yeah.

By the way… there are still a LOT of you who have supported the Kickstarter in winter and who have NOT yet signed up for the dictionary. There’s no rush, of course. You’ll ALWAYS have access. But I’ll keep mentioning it because quite a few probably just didn’t notice until now.
So if you’re one of those people – on Kickstarter, I have sent around a 100% discount code for premium. Sign up any time, and if you have questions, just email me, or ask here in the comments.

And if you haven’t supported the Kickstarter, but you like the prefix verb dictionary and want to go premium:

Discount Code: “YDG-Fan”

Use this code, it’ll give fat 40% discount. For a lifetime account.
Keep in mind, if you like the dictionary already… that isn’t even its final form. Muaahahahahahahahaaaaa

Easter Egg 1.5

This one also has to do with the prefix verb dictionary.
Because YOU get to decide which verb I’ll tackle next.
Again, at some point, I’ll do these kinds of polls over there, but for now we don’t have the infrastructure yet, so it’s the easiest to do it here.
So yeah… the goal is in the early stages to add baseverbs that have a LOT of different prefix versions. That’s where the preselection comes from.
So yeah… take your pick and I’ll stick with it :)

Which verb group should I add next to the prefix verb dictionary?

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

And now for the last one.

Easter Egg 2

So if you like the prefix verb dictionary and you also like the dictionary I have on the site here, you might also like the Chrome extension version of it.
It’s been online since December and over 100 of you have already installed it so far.
If you have, I’d love to know if you’re using it and if you have any feedback.
But anyway, now, I have a new version out and that version allows you to login to your YourDailyGerman account on the extension.
And the reason this is nice is because you’ll actually be able to add ideas to your favorites and add your personal notes right there in the extension and see them here on YDG or vice versa. So you can basically personalize the dictionary that way.
It’s not exactly a game changer of course, but if you’re using the extension anyway, and you’re a member, then make sure to update the to the newest version.
And if you haven’t tried the YourDailyGerman chrome extension yet, please do. It’s free (except the login part).
You can find it here:

YourDailyGerman Dictionary – Chrome Extension
(ONLY works on Chrome and Brave. Will not work on Firefox, Opera and so on)

Oh and if you’re using it and you like it, please consider leaving a quick review. That’d be amazing.

So yeah… that’s it for today. I wish all of you who celebrate it now a happy and relaxed Easter and to all of you who don’t celebrate it … well, happy normal days to you.
Schöne Tage euch allen und bis bald!

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