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1. to turn on (For “mid-sized” stuff like a TV, a heater, a washing machine. But definitely less common than "anmachen".)
2. to make a mess, to mischief (Mostly used for pets or kids after they messed something up.)
3. to join a line, to queue up ("sich+Acc anstellen"... it's the moment of lining up. Waiting in line itself is called "anstehen".)
4. to employ (only for people, not things. "einstellen" is the more common choice)
5. to go about something in a stupid/smart/… way or to act stupid/smart/… while performing a task ("sich+Acc dumm/schlau/ anstellen" )
6. to make a fuss, act sissy, be a drama queen ("sich+Acc anstellen" ... colloquial)
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  • Wir arbeiten fleißig daran, dass die Beispielsätze auch hier gezeigt werden!
  • We are working hard to have the example sentences displayed here too!
  • ...mit Aufnahmen und allem. So wie in den Artikeln!
  • ...with voice recordings and everything. Just like in the articles!
  • Bitte habt aber ein wenig Geduld. Das könnte noch etwas dauern.
  • But please be patient. It might take a while yet.
German Prefix Verbs Explained - "anstellen"

A quick look at the five (5!!) completely different meanings of "anstellen" and how they all connect. Definitely one of the craziest German prefix verbs.


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