(an verb)
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1. to look at sb./sth. (the use depends on the region. Many regions prefer "angucken" or "anschauen")
2. to look at ("sich (Dative) etwas ansehen " in a more observing, inquisitive personal sense)
3. to pick up something about someone or something ("jemandem/einer Sache etwas ansehen"... for instance seeing that someone is tired or sad or knowing from sight that something is heavy. You "see" it "at them", if you will.)
4. to watch (movies etc., only in some regions of Germany. Other use "angucken" or "anschauen")
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  • Bitte habt aber ein wenig Geduld. Das könnte noch etwas dauern.
  • But please be patient. It might take a while yet.
Word of the Day - "ansehen"

A thorough look at the meaning of "ansehen" and how to use it for looking at things, watching movies and reputation.


ansehen, sich ansehen, das Ansehen, ansehnlich, die Ansicht

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