1. to relay, to convey (Very common in combination with "das Gefühl" in the sense of "gives me the feeling". Also used in sense of conveying information, with a slight undertone of the person being a bit "slow" to understand. )
2. to broker for someone, to mediate (between two conflicting parties)
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Word of the Day - " die Mühe"

A fun look at the meaning of the umlaut-monster die Mühe and the effort you have to make to say making an effort in German. Also: a really dumb pun with cows.


die Mühe, mühelos, sich Mühe geben, sich bemühen

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Word of the Day - "das Mittel"

We travel to the core of "das Mittel" and see what on earth the word middle has to do with remedy and learn loads of useful words with "Mitte" in them :)


die Mitte, das Mittel, mittel-, vermitteln

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