Dictionary > adverbs

  • abgesehen (adverb)
    1. besides, aside from, apart from
  • abgesehen davon (adverb)
    1. apart from that, that aside
  • abzüglich (adverb)
    1. minus (in sentences, not euqations)
  • alle (adverb)
    1. every, all
    2. finished, empty (slightly colloquial, for food and resources)
    3. everyone (used in plural)
  • allerdings (adverb)
    1. however, though, but
    2. indeed (with an emphasis on "dings", it can re-affirm a statement, also as a stand alone confirmation)
  • andauernd (adverb)
    1. all the time, incessantly (in a sense of something happening over and over in short sequence and usually used in context of someone being annoyed. No difference to "dauernd" in this sense)
    2. ongoing (sounds quite formal, for negotiations for instance)
  • anders (adverb)
    1. different(ly)
  • ansatzweise (adverb)
    1. to some extent
    2. nowhere near enough (nicht mal ansatzweise)
  • anscheinend (adverb)
    1. apparently, seemingly (more common and more "likely" than "scheinbar")
  • ansonsten (adverb)
    1. other than that
    2. otherwise, if not (sounds more general and unfocused than "sonst". Not a good fit if you want to have this "or else" vibe)
  • anstandshalber (adverb)
    1. for decency’s sake
  • auch (adverb)
    1. also, as well
  • aufgrund (adverb)
    1. due to (goes with Genitive, often also "aufgrund von" + Dative)
  • ausgehend von (adverb)
    1. assuming
  • ausnahmsweise (adverb)
    1. as an exception, by way of exception, for once (NOT exceptionally in sense of outstanding quality)
    2. apart from A, except for A, A excluded (A ausgenommen )
  • außerdem (adverb)
    1. also, besides that, furthermore
    2. Phrase: What else? (in stores) (Und außerdem? )
  • bedauerlicherweise (adverb)
    1. unfortunately (sounds quite formal, the colloquial option is "leider")
  • bestimmt (adverb)
    1. most likely, certainly (note that "bestimmt" implies that something is highly likely but NOT 100% certain)
  • da (adverb)
    1. there (counterpart to "here", more common than "dort")
    2. here, present (as in "I'm there for you." for example.)
    3. at that moment, that's when...
    4. because (more formal sounding synonym for "weil", grammar is the same as "weil")
  • dabei (adverb)
    1. while doing that ( (most of the time NOT a translation for "thereby"))
    2. which is weird because.../curious, considering... (hard to translate to one word, expresses a weird contrast)
  • dadurch (adverb)
    1. by means of
    2. through that
    3. because (dadurch, dass )
  • dagegen (adverb)
    1. against it, on the other hand
  • daher (adverb)
    1. from there (not used much for location. "von da" is way more common)
    2. hence, therefor
  • dahin (adverb)
    1. there (as a destination)
    2. gone (as an adjective, not very common)
  • damals (adverb)
    1. back in the day (at least a couple years back, usually way longer)
  • dauernd (adverb)
    1. all the time, incessantly (often with an annoyed undertone)
  • dazwischen (adverb)
    1. in between, between that/them (stand alone indication for location)
    2. verb prefix that expresses the idea of "going in between, interrupting"
  • demzufolge (adverb)
    1. as a consequence of that, thus
    2. according to that
  • dummerweise (adverb)
    1. unfortunately
  • ebenfalls (adverb)
    1. likewise, also
  • ebenso (adverb)
    1. likewise, also ((as a wish))
  • eh (adverb)
    1. anyway (in the rough sense of "either way", synonymous with "sowieso")
  • eher (adverb)
    1. earlier (rare, "früher" is more common)
    2. rather (in the sense of "not A but rather B, with a notion of "likely")
  • einzig (adverb)
    1. only (extremely rare in that sense)
  • erfahrungsgemäß (adverb)
    1. according to experience, normally
  • erstens (adverb)
    1. first of, firstly (used to talk about a sequence)
  • erstmal (adverb)
    1. first (temporal sense, before someting else)
  • erstmals (adverb)
    1. for the first time (sounds stilted)
  • etwa (adverb)
    1. round about, approximately
    2. for instance (mostly used in texts, not spoken German)
    3. expresses surprise (in yes or no questions)
  • eventuell (adverb)
    1. maybe (NOT a translation for English "eventually")
  • eventuell (adverb)
    1. maybe, perhaps (NOT "eventually")
  • fast (adverb)
    1. almost
  • frühestens (adverb)
    1. of the earliest
  • fürwahr (adverb)
    1. indeed (expresses that your statement is true, very rare and theatrical nowadays)
  • gegenüber (von) (adverb)
    1. across from (with people it usually comes AFTER the person: "mir gegenüber")
    2. across the street (as an adverb)
  • gelegentlich (adverb)
    1. occasionally, on occasion
  • gen (adverb)
    1. toward (fancy, mostly used with cardinal directions)
  • genau (adverb)
    1. exact, exactly
  • gerade mal (adverb)
    1. barely, just (expresses that something is "not much at all")
  • gleichfalls (adverb)
    1. the same to you (often in combination "Danke, gleichfalls")