Advent Calendar 16 – “Dayoff”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 15, 2020


Hi ihr lieben,

day 16 of our epic Advent Calendar already… wow, time is flying… and today it’s time for


Dayoff is a Russian-German philosopher from the last century and his views, while EXTREMELY controversial and subversive, are tremendously helpful if applied to language lear… nah, who am I kidding.
Of course, I meant “day off“, I just wrote it as one word to make it interesting :).

So… In all the calendars of the last years, there came a day, usually in week three, when all my prepared material had run out and I was so busy with work and other stuff that I was forced to skip a day.
My original plan was to just do the same this year, as a sort of tradition :). And also because it might be kind of nice to have a break before we go into the final stretch.
So I actually intentionally left one day open and my plan was to really just write something like “Habt einen schönen Tag.”

And because I am a man who says it as it is, and who does what he says, I will do just that.
Promise made, promise kept!!

Habt einen schönen Tag und wir sehen uns morgen :)

Oh by the way… if you need something to watch an Netflix, I highly recommend “The Queen’s Gambit.”
It’s nothing special in terms of story but it really has atmosphere. A feel good series, perfect for a snuggle day or two.
And also, most of it was shot in Berlin. Three of the locations are within 10 minutes from where I live.

(disclaimer: I really did do this because I found it a fun tradition. I am not overworked with the calendar this year, please don’t worry.)

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