Course in Berlin

You are in Berlin?
You want to learn German in a real life language course but you don’t have much money and you want to keep it flexible?

I offer what I call “advanced tutoring” or One-Way-Tandem


I don’t have a room so in winter we meet in cafés and in summer we meet in cafés too because it is raining. In the rare event that it is not raining we go to a park to sit there.


We usually meet once a week… or once every 2 weeks. Or twice a week. It is really flexible. One meeting is about 2 hours long.. or shorter or longer. The time and day are flexible and can be changed on short term notice (also by me :) )


We meet and as soon as the basics are clear (the basics being “using verbs in present and past”) we just talk. Then, we will see what problem and roadblocks we get to. I used to follow a more text-booky approach but it didn’t work for my students and I didn’t enjoy myself too much so I decided to just go with the flow.

So… if you want someone you can talk to who can also answer all the tricky grammar questions, I can help you. I don’t take that many students because I simply don’t have that much time but if you’re interested send me and e-mail to:



Deutsch für Dich – German course

Deutsch für Dich is a really really really really really really great project. Really. I’ve heard about it only recently but I decided to post a link right away because it deserves support.
It is a team of enthusiasts offering German classes for different levels on weekday evenings in a Bar in Neukölln… I think they do sell beer there too, but I am not sure. There is no contract so you can just pop in, see if you like it and then decide.  And the best thing is… it is on pay-what-you-want-basis.
Woah awesome now I can learn German for free while drinking beer… if you thought that, well… that is not really the idea.
The concept is pay-what-you-want mainly to give people whole REALLY can’t afford any classes to learn German anyway. And if everyone just gives a little, no one will have to give even close to the amount a regular school costs. So please please people… if you go there and you enjoy yourself… be fair and leave them a tip!!!! Organizing stuff like that is hard work.
I am stressing this point because there has been a “pay-what-you-can-afford” brunch buffet in a place called Café Morgenrot at some point and eventually they had introduce a minimum pay because people were just thinking “Oh awesome, it’s free.”
So anyway… if you’re in Berlin and you want to make some friends, learn German in a nice atmosphere and all that without being in a school… check out Deutsch für dich.
Here is the link to their Facebook-page and to their FAQ:

Deutsch für Dich on Facebook

Deutsch für Dich – FAQ

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