Prefix Advent Calendar – 17

advent-17Hallo ihr lieben,

today there are actually two things in the Christmas stocking. A prefix verb and a super uber special surprise. And the surprise is…..

The new Star Wars movie –
“The last Jedi.. returns”

In full length!!!

Isn’t that awesome??
So click here and download it for free.

Meh, the real surprise is that …. I will be teaching live. I teamed up with Carina and Alice from the Easy German Channel to go real world. And because we all think normal language classes suck, we want to do something different. Something gooder. Uh… I mean awesomer.

We’ll essentially do a theory session and an activity session. In the theory part we’ll prime you on the vocab you’ll encounter in the active session. In the active session we’ll just do something fun together and speak German as much as we can and us, the teachers, will carefully observe what aspect of grammar needs fixing and is fixable at that level. And we’ll do that in the next theory session and then new vocab and so on. On the back-end there’s a sort of curriculum of things people need to learn during a course or at least on a certain level but you’re pretty much at the helm of it all. And you get to speak a lot.

And if you’re now like “Wow, I’m in Berlin. I want to learn more” then head right over to the course website, check out the details and sign up… and no, this is a real link this time :)

“Easy Language Classes” – with Carina and me
(Oh and just in case you’re wondering… the guy in that one picture is NOT me. I’m a cat.)

It’s a pilot project and we’ll see how it goes but I think the concept is great.
So.. that was the super surprise. And now here’s prefix verb. Yeah… boring.



The main meaning of zeichnen nowadays is to draw (as in pencil drawing) but it is actually related to sign and the original core is about “marks”. Bezeichnen was first used in the very literal sense of actually physically marking something (inflicting a sign). Like, carving an x into a tree so you can find it again.
Soon though, people started using it also for abstract markings. Marking things in our heads, if you will. And that isn’t all that far from the current meaning of “naming something”. By naming it you can “find” it again.
Bezeichnen only used for things, not for people, and it is a bit technical sounding compared to “nenn
die Bezeichnung – the name, denomination
bezeichnend – characteristic, typical (newspaper vocab)

  • Ich würde das nicht als Eintopf bezeichnen.
  • I wouldn’t call that a stew.
  • Die Bezeichnung Bernstein kommt vom Wort brennen.
  • The name/denomination Bernstein (amber) comes from the word burn.

If you have any questions about the word or about the course just leave me a comment. If not, I’ll see you tomorrow.
Have a great day.

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