Advent Calendar 2019 – Contract?!

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 21, 2019



Hi ihr lieben,

German learning Advent Calendar, door 21. And this door kind of brings us back to the beginning of the Calendar. Don’t worry, it’s not another scheme to skip a day or something :).
In the first week of the Calendar, we learned a little bit about contractions in German. Contractions are these combinations of article and preposition, like im, am or zur and we talked a bit about the logic behind when to use them and when to NOT use them.
If you haven’t read the post or you want to check it out again, you can find it here:

Contractions in German

And today, we’ll do a little practice about that.
I’ll give you a bunch of sentences and you have to decide whether or not to use a contractions. It’s good old multiple choice this time, everything should work smoothly, and without stupid bugs :)
Viel Spaß and if you have any questions after the quiz, let me know in the comments.
Have a great day and bis morgen!


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