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Written By: Emanuel Updated: May 4, 2023

Hello everyone,

how is it going :)?
So a couple of weeks ago, I showed you the example generator tool that I made with ChatGPT.
It then had a bug for quite a while, but now it’s working again and I’ve also improved it a little bit.
But not only that – I also created two new tools for you.
Drumroll please….

  • AI Story Generator
  • AI Proofreader

And I’ll show you both of them today, so  let’s take a look :).

Let’s start with the proofreader.

ChatGPT checks your sentence

This tool lets you enter a sentence or a short paragraph and give you a corrected version of it.
The correction is usually pretty good, but as everything with ChatGPT, it is NOT 100 reliable. So sometimes it overlooks a mistake or even adds a new one, especially if your sentence is perfect. So take it with a small grain of salt.
Or actually… if the answer seems weird, you could just copy paste it back into the input, and see if it corrects itself again.
In fact, I’ll probably add this as a button. Like… “double check”. That should catch pretty much all mistakes then.
Anyway, it’s already a nice and quick way to check something.



Now, I know that many of you would love to have some feedback about WHY something was changed. And I have played around with this a bit, but the analysis that ChatGPT gives just wasn’t reliable enough, in my opinion. Like… its explanations don’t always relate to the actual mistakes and the reasoning is sometimes just nonsense.
I’ll work with this some more, and try out different versions of GPT, because it would be really cool to get some more info about the corrections, but for now it’s really just that.

And now the second one.

Reading Comprehension with ChatGPT Stories

This is kind of the example generator on steroids. So instead of a short example, the AI creates a full short story for you, and you can pick the difficulty and the genre.
Just enter a topic in German or English (German is better). That can be a single word, or a whole setup like

“Maria finds women’s underwear in Thomas’ drawer and confronts him about it.”

Then, pick a difficulty and a genre and you’re good to go. It’ll come up with a short story and also give you a translation.
The creation sometimes takes a couple of minutes, especially if you pick “complex” and a more specific genre. But if it takes more than 5 minutes, it probably froze up.

Now, the stories are usually pretty okay, but some genres work better than others and the “beginner” option is often a bit too difficult, in my opinion. I’m still working on how best to communicate to the model what exactly it is that you want.

It actually works better with a less specific topic, so if you just say “eine Reise” for example. But play around and find out.

And as per usual, there is a non-zero chance that the German contains a mistake. But overall, it’s a fun feature if you want to get some quick reading practice about something that actually interests you :)


Difficulty (optional)
Genre (optional)


So yeah, these are my two new tools for German and I’m absolutely going to make more :).
And yes, we’re working to make these into an actual app.
I’ll also add them to the menu, so you can always find them easily on the website.

But yeah… let me know in the comments how you like them and if you think they’re helpful. Oh and let me know if you have any ideas for features. I feel like the option to print or save a story would be nice, for example, and I’m sure you have other ideas.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy playing around with this, even if you’re skeptical about these new AI tools.
Have a great week and I’ll see you in the next one.

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