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In this section we look at the prefix verbs one at a time.

Prefix Verbs Explained – “anstehen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome back the series that we all thought was over but it it’s not: Prefix Verbs Explained.
Whoop whoooooooop.
Today on the menu



And look… I don’t really wanna do it, you don’t really wanna do it. But we’re gonna. Just like Thomas and Maria the other day when they decided to try…
cleaning behind the stove.
Yes, it was on the agenda for a long time. And if you were expecting something lewd – well, we’ll get lewd in the article. Literally :)
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Prefix Verbs Explained – “aufnehmen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to the never ending story of German Prefix Verbs. Today, we’ll have a look at… what is going on, my voice looks really weird… like a little girl…. … gotta check the mic-settings … uh…   mic  check one two eins zwei.. nah, even worse test testtest test testDaF testicle l teenage mutant ninja testudo … perfect.
I’m just gonna start the recording again… what? … oh, right, I forgot we’re live.
I thought we were recording.
But hey, that actually brings us right to the prefix verb we’ll look at today.



Because recording is one of the contexts it is used for. One of many, womany contexts…

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Prefix Verbs Explained – “anlegen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to … ugh… sigh… anooooooother prefix verb. How many more are there, Jesus Christ!
“Many, Emanuel, many. They abound.”
Uhm… thanks Jesus. You might wanna look up what a rhetorical question is some time.
“Oh yeah?! And you might wanna look up what a roundhouse kick is some time.”
Oh, scary…
“Yeah, indeed. MAGA motherf” NOT you, Jesus! I mean the range of meanings of the verb we’ll look at today. That’s what’s scary. Ships mooring, planting a garden, pushing for something, looking for trouble and investing money. And others.
So, looks like we’re in for a wild ride as we look at the many meanings of



Are you ready? Then let’s go.

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Prefix Verbs Explained – “aufgehen”

aufgehen-raufgehen-meaningHello everyone,

and welcome to another episode of Prefix Verbs Explained. The sun does it, your shoe does it, dough does it and the villain’s evil plan to conquer the world does it… well, okay…actually the plan usually DOESN’T do it.
Anyway, I bet you’re a little confused right now, but don’t worry. It’ll dawn on you.
Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a look at the meaning of



Gehen means to go and auf has two notions it can add to a verb: on-top-ness (or the moving sister upward-ness) and open-ness.
In case of aufgehen, it adds both. And does some crazy stuff with it. But we’ll start with the two more “normal” meanings.

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