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Past Conditional – Exercise

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to the if-est series ever… the series on Conditional. It’s been quite the journey. We learned what the heck I mean by conditional, we learned about the würde-conditional and the real conditional and when to use which. We learned about the past conditional and that there’s a simple system with two to four easy steps… depending on how you count. We went down the abyss of Past Conditional with modal verbs in sentences that have their verb at the end. And we came back out, with entirely new insights.
But now, the learning is done. Now it is time for the showdown.
Us and what we’ve learned vs. dozens of sentences. One more ferocious than the next. But all vicious and full of guile, constantly looking to throw us a curve. Beat us. Break our brains and our spirits. But we shall not falte…
“Erm… we get it, Emanuel. Could we get going already, we don’t have that much time.”
Oh sure sure… ladies and gentlemen.. get ready for the epic

Past Conditional Workout

If you haven’t read the other parts of the series, you can of course give it a try. But if you want to read them first or you want to review them, then here are the links:

Conditional 1: Overview + würde conditional
Conditional 2: Real conditional (how and when)
Conditional 3: Work out (also epic, but not as epic as what we’re about to do)
Conditional 4: Past Conditional
Conditional 5: Past Conditional With Modals

And now I’d say let’s jump right in….
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Conditional in German 5 – Past Conditional 2

Previously on  “C.i. German”:

After discovering the frightening and sobering truth about the normal Conditional in German, the learner knew … he had to travel back in time and face the past of the Conditional. 
To his surprise, he found it wasn’t as scary as he had expected. There was only one  version and everything was quite straight forward.
“That all you got, German? Pathetic!! You should have made it more difficult.”
“Oh yeah?! Well, why don’t you say that in German then?”
“No probl… oh…. oh my god….”
That was when the learner’s world started to fall apart…. dun dunn dunnnn.

Welcome back everybody to the fifth episode of our mini series on the Conditional, and if you found the intro confusing… well, perfect. Then you’re warmed up for today’s topic:

Past Conditional – Word (dis)order

In the last episode, we looked at the basic system for building the Past Conditional and we learned how to say stuff like  would have gone or would have read. 
If  you haven’t read the first part about Past Conditional or you don’t really remember, please check that out first.  Here’s the link:

 Conditional in German 4 – The Past Conditional

Today, we’ll talk about the cluster… erm… clusterlovemaking that happens when doing past conditional for modal verbs with normal verbs combined. Like… saying something like this:
“I could have done it.”
or this:
“… that I could have done it.”
Doesn’t look very complicated, right?
Well, get ready to see a couple of core beliefs about German grammar fly out the window. And the first one is…. the ge-form.
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Conditional in German 4 – The Past

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to the forth part of our mini series on the Conditional in German. And this time, we’ll look at the stuff everybody is struggling with.

Past Conditional

Past Conditional is what you need when you want to talk about how the past could have been, but wasn’t. So in practical terms that means today, we’ll finally talk about how to say stuff like would have been, would have had or would have had to have been in German. Which is something EVERYBODY is making mistakes with. Even thosenative speakers that always walk around with their nose up like they’re fluent or something #callingoutnatives.
Seriously though, building the Past Conditional itself is actually quite straight forward. But there’s something weird going on with the word order at time.
“But Emanuel, there’s ALWAYS something weird going on with the word order in German.”
Well yeah, I guess. But take the weird-ness you’re used to and then twist that. It is kind of messed up, actually.
But Past Conditional is super useful and you absolutely need it if you really want to express yourself, so let’s buckle up and jump righ… oh wait, I guess, I should give you the links to the first three parts real quick, so you can read up on that if you haven’t. Part one is an overview over the topic and the terminology and also we learn how to build the würde-conditional. Part two is about how to build and when to use the real conditional and part three is an epic exercise for that stuff.

Conditional 1- An Overview
Conditional 2 German – The Real Conditional
Conditional 3 – Exercise

Great, so now let’s jump in for real :)
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Conditional in German – Work Out

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to our mini series on Conditional in German. And if you thought you’re just gonna calmly sit there and read something then you’re gravely mistaken.
Because today, we’ll hit the gym and do this:

Non Past Conditional – XFit Full Body Workout
**intense** #flatabs 

In part one and two we’ve learned about the non-past conditional and today we’ll put that into practice.
If you haven’t read part one and two, you can find them here (and no, part one isn’t “just” and overview. You need it!!)

Conditional Pt. 1 – An Overview

Conditional Pt. 2 – The Real Conditional

Of course you can also try this exercise, if you haven’t read the articles. But don’t whine if you fail.

So here’s what we’ll do:

I’ll give you a “normal” statement in German and you’ll have to take it and make it into a statement with Conditional.

The main part of that is of course making the right choice between Real Conditional and würde-Conditional and putting it into the sentence correctly.

  • Wenn ich Hunger habe, esse ich. (When I am hungry, I eat.)
  • Wenn ich Hunger hätte, würde ich essen. (If I were hungry, I’d eat.)

But there are a few more difficulties in there.
Uhm… hooray :)

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