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Work your German with various exercises and get awesome German abs in no time.

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Conditional in German – Work Out

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to our mini series on Conditional in German. And if you thought you’re just gonna calmly sit there and read something then you’re gravely mistaken.
Because today, we’ll hit the gym and do this:

Non Past Conditional – XFit Full Body Workout
**intense** #flatabs 

In part one and two we’ve learned about the non-past conditional and today we’ll put that into practice.
If you haven’t read part one and two, you can find them here (and no, part one isn’t “just” and overview. You need it!!)

Conditional Pt. 1 – An Overview

Conditional Pt. 2 – The Real Conditional

Of course you can also try this exercise, if you haven’t read the articles. But don’t whine if you fail.

So here’s what we’ll do:

I’ll give you a “normal” statement in German and you’ll have to take it and make it into a statement with Conditional.

The main part of that is of course making the right choice between Real Conditional and würde-Conditional and putting it into the sentence correctly.

  • Wenn ich Hunger habe, esse ich. (When I am hungry, I eat.)
  • Wenn ich Hunger hätte, würde ich essen. (If I were hungry, I’d eat.)

But there are a few more difficulties in there.
Uhm… hooray :)

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Adjective Endings Work Out – 1

Hello everyone,

spring is coming and that means it’s time to do some working out to get the body in a nice beach shape.  Wait, that’s not what people mean by beach body, is it?
Anyway, a beach body is nice, but of course we all want another thing even morererer… the perfect beach German.
And that’s why we’ll also do a little work out. And this time we’ll train something that MANY of you have neglected:

Adjective Endings

Yeah, you can sigh all you want. Deep inside you know it’s time. And you can do it. It’s gonna be tough but you got what it takes. Endings are beasts but they can’t best you.  You will prevail. You will stand tall. I can see the sparkle in your eye. That’s a winner right there. You’re a freaking Spartaaaaaaaaaaan.
Uhm…. sorry, I think I lost it for a second :).
But yeah… are you ready to end some adjectives?

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German Past Tense – Work Out

Hello everyone,

you thought we were done with it. You thought we’d left it behind. You thought it was past. But it’s not.

It’s back!!!

With a vengeance. And it’s hell bent on making you suffer…. the German Past Tense.
Uh, I mean practice :).
We did a laughable, puny work-out session two weeks ago, right after we talked about when to use written past in spoken. But the topic is so important for daily conversation we totally have to do a big work out session for this. And now is the perfect time because we’ve forgotten pretty much everything. It’s this method that we developed here called SRS and it’s based on much, much research. Super scienfitic.
So yeah, today we’ll do a HUUUUGE work-out on speaking idiomatic spoken past.
Here’s how it works :

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A Christmas Story – “Das Weihnachtsgeschenk”


The 24th! Hooray. Of course there is a special surprise in the calendar:

a Christmas story. Continue reading