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These short, fun posts are perfect if you don’t have much time or you don’t feel like reading a lot but you still want to learn some German.


Abwasch, der





Ausrede, die

Brille, die

Der Schein


entweder ... oder ...





Grammar Jargon What does to conjugate mean


Kater, der


Langeweile, die

Lautmalerei, die





Ohrwurm, der


Schnupfen, der



Spoken German Bits 1 Alles gut

Tisch, der



weder... noch...

What is the Difference antworten vs. beantworten

What is the Difference vs. dass, das

WitD hinter vs. hinten

Word of the day Liebling

Zukunft, die



Word of the Day – “schleifen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day, this time with a quick look at meaning of



Schleifen is related to der Schleim (slime) and slip. But it’s not as slimy as slime and not as sexy as slip…. uh… I mean, slippery.
Spring is messing with my mind. Though … actually … some slips do have a Schleifen, and they’re quite sexy. I’ll post a selfie later.
But first let’s talk some vocab…

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Prefix Verbs Explained – “anstehen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome back the series that we all thought was over but it it’s not: Prefix Verbs Explained.
Whoop whoooooooop.
Today on the menu



And look… I don’t really wanna do it, you don’t really wanna do it. But we’re gonna. Just like Thomas and Maria the other day when they decided to try…
cleaning behind the stove.
Yes, it was on the agenda for a long time. And if you were expecting something lewd – well, we’ll get lewd in the article. Literally :)
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Prefix Verbs Explained – “ausfallen”

ausfallen-meaningHello everyone,

and welcome to another episode of Prefix Verbs Explained. Today we’ll have a look at the verb that’s probably the favorite word of all students… especially in summer.



Aus can add two notions to a verb: switched-off-ness and outside-ness.  And in combination with fallen, switched-off-ness doesn’t make too much sense. I mean… switching off by falling?

“Honey, can you turn out the light?”
“Sure.” (shoves bed side lamp from the nightstand)
“That was our last one. We gotta get new ones tomorrow.”

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Spoken German Bits 1 – “Alles gut”

alles-gut-imageHello everyone,

and welcome to a brand new mini series called Spoken German Bits. In this series, we’ll look at the colloquial side of German. It can be a word, a common expression,  a weird grammar structure or even a feature of pronunciation. All these things that you get to hear every day in Germany but that are absolutely not part of standard learning material – maybe because the material hasn’t caught on yet or maybe because the stuff is considered “wrong”. But wrong, shmong. Language is super democratic and if everybody does something, then that’s the language.
Anyways’… so this is what the new series is all about and today we’ll start with a look at a very useful phrase :

Alles gut

Now you’re like “What? That’s like All Good. Doesn’t seem particularly special to me.” But my observation is that the phrase has gotten pretty damn trendy recently. It has two usages and while one has been pretty standard for a while, I noticed that the second usage really caught on recently. Like… I hear it from all different kinds of people – teens, retired people, managers, models, TV hosts. And then, last night, when the neightbors’s cat that hangs out in our courtyard a lot, used it I realized: it is time to cut back on the dru… uh… I mean, it’s time to tell you about the phrase.  So you can impress your friends with how much you sound like a native speaker. And you can use it every day.
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