German Advent Calendar – 2022 Edition (#peakfun)

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 1, 2022

“The Startening”



I had to clean up my email list and I removed a bunch of addresses that haven’t been active in months. 

If you usually hear from me and that stops now, please let me know. I might have accidentally deleted your entry.

It’s on, folks!!

The YourDailyGerman Advent Calendar®™ is back!
And this time, it’s the super elite master class diamond edition.
Which basically means it’s … uh… really really good :).

Many of you probably already know the calendar, but for those who don’t, here’s how it works.

How the Calendar Works

Every day, from now till the 24th, I’ll post a small treat for German learners, be it an article about a word, a quick quiz or game, a grammar hack, a recommendation, a give-away. Or just some general musings and thoughts that I feel might be interesting.

And so you don’t have to remember to check every day, I’m of course going to send you a newsletter every day. I actually bought a quite expensive sending plan, just for this (which of course didn’t work today, but now we should be good), so everyone gets the mail at the same time (and same day).
So you’ll see quite a few mails from me this December, but feel free to ignore them. There’s really not much in it, except the link and the title and maybe a quick silly line.
Oh and the titles will be somewhat cryptic, so don’t get confused ;)

Anyway, I’ll also put up an overview over the calendar right on the front page, so you can quickly access it, if you come by the site.

Oh and as per usual, I have turned off the reading limit for the calendar articles, so even if you’re not a member, you can read them every day. Because CHRISTMAS!!! GUUUAAHHHHHHH *cue black metal  guitar riff
*shr shr shrum shr shr shrum

So yeah…  I’m really excited for this year’s calendar and I’m super happy to share a bit of December with you that way again. There’s definitely going to be a few neat surprises in there, even for those of you who have been through a few Calendars already.

Tomorrow, we’ll start with a little poll. Or a hack. Or a quiz. I haven’t decided yet.
But yeah… have a great first of December, and I’ll see you tomorrow :).

Oh… and just to make sure you got yours…


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