Advent Calendar 17 – Break Tradition

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 13, 2023

“Break Tradition”


Hi ihr lieben,

And welcome to day 17 of our Advent Calendar. And behind today’s door is one of the oldest traditions of the YourDailyGerman Advent Calendar… drumroll…

Break Day

And no, I am not breaking with this tradition ;).
Originally, in the first years, the breakday was the day when I wasn’t able to keep up anymore with posting daily, because my preparation was worse and also I was still working as a bar manager. Sometimes, I would literally post after a 10 hour shift, sipping a drink at the bar.

And after a few years, the breakday had become so dear to me that I did it even if I didn’t have to, and now it’s pretty much a tradition.

So yeah… break day everyone :).

There’s a slight modificication though, because there are three little things that I do want to mention.

First little thing:

First up, big shoutout to the OGs that were already here when there was still WordPress snow!
I was REALLY surprised by the results of the questionaire this year, in particular by the resulst of the onion vs garlic question.
Here’s a screenshot:

Like… garlic and onion having such a head to head is a surprise, but the BIGGER surprise for me is that barely anyone said “neither”.
I love both of them, but in Berlin, I feel like I have met SOOO many people who don’t eat either or just in very small amounts.
If you want to check the other results in the questionaire, you can find it here:

2023 Advent Questionaire

Second little thing:

There’s like almost 80 of you who have installed my sentence analyzer Chrome extension. Apperantly, you can install it on Opera and Edge, too, but it will not work. It only works on Chrome and Brave.
So far, only two people have left a review, so if you have it installed and it’s working, please please leave a review. Danke :).
You can find the extension here:

YDG Grammar Analyzer Extension

Third little thing

And this is a recommendation for a movie/documentary.

It’s called David Wants to Fly and it’s a personal point of view style documentary about a guy from Berlin who seeks answers in meditation and who’s a big fan of David Lynch, who’s also into meditation.
And boy oh boy… this is a crazy ride. Switzerland, India, the Himalayas, Gurus, money, money, money, Nazis, Berlin Teufelsberg… and David Lynch defending Hitler.

Honestly, it’s one of the greatest little pieces of film I have ever seen and I REALLY recommend it!!

And  it’s partly in German, with voice over narration, so perfect to learn with.
Here’s the German trailer:

Please please give it a watch, it’s absolutely amazing and will surprise you. And do let me know how you liked it once you’ve watched it :)

Anyway, that’s it for today. Enjoy your third Advent and break day and I’ll see you tomorrow.  Bis dann!

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