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Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 23, 2018

Hello everyone,

some of you might have noticed that the last post is already over a week old, and also that I’m kind of lagging with the comments. But behind the scenes, I’ve actually been twerking a lot.
My boooootay is in great shape.
And I’ve also been working quite a lot behind the scenes.
So what did I do?

Well, first of all, I met up with Cari from Easy German (in my opinion by FAR the best smelling Youtube Chanel™ for learning German). Here’s proof. I’m the one in the middle ;).

(that’s my Facebook page, by the way. I’m not doing much there, but you can like it anyway. ) 

The videos were for a cool new language learning App by Jeremy (more soonish). But Cari and I, we’ll also do videos together for Youtube soon, so watch out.

But that’s not the main thing I did this past week. That was some work on the website. Coding work.
I finally, at long last sat down and made it so the site doesn’t suck anymore on your phones.
Like… if you’ve used it with your phone, then you’ll know what I mean.
You had to zoom around like crazy and now it’s smooth.
Here’s a screenshot


And yes, the menu folds in :).

Now, you might have noticed that green check mark in the screen shot. That is the other big thing I added. When you’re logged in, you can now mark articles as “done” so you can keep track of what you’ve read already. I mean… there are over 400 articles here by now, so it was about time :).
The green check mark next to the title means you’ve read this. And that’s not all. In the category-menus, you can also see it. Here’s a screenshot:


And that’s still not all there is. Because you can also see how much of the site you’ve read already. Like here:


(This only shows up if you’re logged in. )
It probably shows 0%, simply because you’ve not marked anything as read. But yeah, I’m gonna add this to your profile page, which I’m also currently redesigning.
I did a few other layout tweaks and I’m gonna do more in the coming weeks, so if you have any wishes, please, please let me know in the comments… now’s the perfect time. I make no promises but I’m kind of “in the zone”.

But now let’s get to the other big thing for today…


Twenty million. That is the number of comments we’re about to hit times 100.
Uh… yeah… we’re about to hit 20.000 comments.


That’s soooo many! And it’s not THAT long ago that we had 10.000. Holy crap and thank you everyone. Seriously!! Seeing the comments on a new article is always really really motivating for me because I can really feel that you’re invested and active and that make me invested and active. And I also learn quite a bit there. And it’s sooo civilized :). So… thanks to all of you. It really means a lot to me.
And of course we need to properly celebrate it with a little giveaway.
Four of you can win a little game to practice your German with. Or if you don’t want the game because you’re “too serious” you can also have the book from the author of the game.
Here are the Amazon-links:

“Halt mal kurz” – fun little party game

Die Känguruh-Chroniken
(this is B1 reading. If you’re a beginner we can find something else)

Oh, if you’re living in Berlin, I’ll alternatively pay you one year of library membership, because that gets you like all the books ever. And DVDs. And Blue Rays. And games. And Mangas. And the most high tech check out machines you have ever seen. And the …
“Shut up, Emanuel… tell us what we have to do to win!”
All right, all right. So remember how I said the comments were so civilzed?
Well, that’ll change today because in order to win, you have to


That’s right. I want you to roast me or my blog, and roast me good. If you don’t know what that means, it means that you have to insult me or the blog in a clever way. You can do it in German or English, I  don’t care (but not in French!!!).
The four comments that offend me the most will win.
So go right ahead lay some hate in the comments and see if you can roast more than a little sausage.
Oh and don’t forget to let me know if you have any ideas or wishes for the design. You can put the in the same comment as your pathetic roast attempt ;)
Seriously, looking forward to reading from you all and see you next week.

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