Avdent Calendar 2020 – The beginning

Written By: Emanuel Updated: November 30, 2020

The Return of the Calendar

“OMG, Advent Calendar?!?”
Yes, Advent Calendar! It’s ON.
I know I said a few days ago, that I am not going to do it this year, but that was fake news!
Sorry for that, but I had this idea to make it a big reveal this time and I couldn’t resist :).

What’s true is that doing the calendar WAS a stress fest the last years, but that was also because I was working a lot as a bar manager the last two Decembers.
Anyway, I did briefly think about not doing it this year, also because I wasn’t sure if I have enough inspiration for it. I mean… I don’t want to just post random things, just to fill the days.

But I also thought that this year especially it would be really nice to have one because many of us spend more time at home than usual.
So I gave it a try, gathering some ideas, just to see how it goes and … it went really well :D.
This year is actually the first year that I managed to prep the way I wanted to!! And it wasn’t even stressful, I actually really like working on it.
So yeah, this year is the first year that I can really enjoy and I hope you can enjoy it as well.

Now, a fair number of you joined only this year and don’t know really know what we’re talking about

What is the Calendar?

Some of you have joined this year so you don’t know the Calendar tradition.
I’ll post one short article each day until the 24th… a little bit of vocab, some fun quizzes and games, a few recommendations, some cultural stuff and more.
That means you’ll get an email every day in December. If that’s too much, but you don’t want to unsubscribe, please just ignore them. WE’ll go back to a normal schedule in January.

And as usual, the calendar is free so also the people who are not members can see all 24 posts.
(If you get blocked, please let me know, then I need to check my settings)

So yeah… happy calendar season!

Oh and don’t worry if you can’t keep up… it’s gonna be online also after Christmas, so you can read it whenever you feel like it.
And speaking of which, if you want to check out the old Advent Calendars, here’s the link to the archive… same link as in last year’s first post, but I updated it with last year…

Link: Advent Calendar Archive (2015-2019)

Have a great day und bis morgen :)!



One little thing… starting tomorrow, the emails will come from info@yourdailygerman.com instead of info@german-is-easy.com.
That means it might go to spam, because it’s a “new” address. So if you don’t see it tomorrow, check your spam folder :)


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