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Video and Workshop

Hello everyone,

no article, just a couple of quick updates.
“Seriously, Emanuel?? You make a us click a link just for friggin’ updates?!?!
“Yeah, man! You could have just put these in the newsletter. We’re busy!!!!”

Yeah, you’re right. But then those of you who follow me through the subscription feature won’t see it (I think). And also, I wanted the video in a post here.

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How to Learn Vocabulary Fast

Hello everyone,

and welcome to a special episode, because today we’ll not deal with a bunch of words. Today, we’ll deal with a Shitton of words. That’s Japanese for “an amount as numerous as the petals of cherry trees in spring” and it’s the perfect word because today we’ll talk about learning vocabulary.
n my opinion, learning vocabulary is really THE key, especially in the beginning. Like… you can go to  intensive courses all you want. If you don’t have a way to effectively learn words, it’ll be a drag and the language will always feel frustrating. But if you DO have a way to quickly learn vocab, that really is like a turbo boost.
So today, I want to share with you a method for learning words. And no, it’s not some app.
It’s my very own way of going about it and I call it Learn LOV-LAB™

Learn Lots of Vocabulary – Like a Boss ™

With this method,  you can learn a lot of words in little time, without pressure, failure and the most important thing is… with very little effort.
Sounds amazing, right?
Just a warning… the article is long. Not because the method is complicated but because it sounds weird and I want to explain why it is working.
So read this, if you have enough time.
That said, let’s jump right in and find out…

Word of the Day – “spüren”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we’ll have a look at the meaning of



You might never have heard of it (because I made it up and it is nonsense) but experts usually classify German as a TOO-FAT language. That’s short for “there are other options for a thing” and unless you’re completely new to German, you most probably know the pain.
Spüren is a perfect example, because it is one of those “other options” for the idea of feeling/sensing. And of course it’s totally NOT synonymous with the main translation fühlen.
So today, we’ll look what kind of sensing spüren exactly is and what the difference is to fühlen.
And it’s actually a noun, that’ll get us on the right … ahem… Spur ;).

Berlin Dialect Special

Hi everyone,

I’m a little late with the article this time because of Jesus…. I … I mean Easter. And because I’ve been working on other stuff behind the scenes. And one of those other stuffs I made is…. a Youtube video!!!!!
Here you go, bros:

Fortnite Win Battle Royal  –
CRAZY German Blitz, epic gameplay

Yeah… nope :)
(sorry if that got you excited, but hey… that means you’re young).
Seriously though, many of you probably know the Youtube Channel Easy German, the best Youtube channel for German learners. At least in my opinion. But it’s not only a great channel, Cari and Janusz, the creators, also live in Berlin (like  me, myself and I) and they’re really cool, relaxed, beer chugging, down to earth people and we’ve always wanted to do something together. And now we did it :). A couple of them, actually and the first one is out now. The topic : the Berlin dialect.
It’s not a break down of the dialect in a sense of “This sound turns to this” but rather a little impression of how it sounds and feels in comparison to standard German.

So… viel Spaß :)

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