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Let’s Build – Loooong German Sentences

Hello everyone,

welcome back to the German is Easy Summer Bootcamp – which has been all kinds of things, but not easy :).
We’ve got some very intense workout sessions in our brains already. We’ve trained the Time-ceps (muscle for talking about time), the Case-ceps (muscle for cases) and the Preposi-ceps (muscle for prepositions). And today, it’s time for one of the most important language muscle groups of them all… the Structurus Maximus. Which is the muscle group we need for

Building German Sentences

And by building German sentences, I don’t mean just normal boring everyday sentences. I mean the infamous long German sentences that you can wrap around the planet.
Now you might be like “But Emanuel, we don’t need to build those in daily life?”
And that’s right. But first of all, this is a bootcamp, not a cuddle camp. And also, you can think of making these long sentences like jogging in sand. It’s really hard, but you’ll learn a LOT about German sentence structure and how you can express and order stuff. And when you then get back to normal short statements, it’ll be super easy.
So are you ready for yet another round of “Getting a headache and having fun doing it”?
Great, let’s jump right in.

Verbs with Prepositions – An Exercise

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to our epic GRMN S2MR BTCMP. That’s “hipster” for German Summer Bootcamp, the summer course you never expected. Today is round number three and after we did some serious muscle flexing for cases last time, we’ll deal with an entirely different thing today…

Verbs and their prepositions

If you don’t know what I mean by that, just take the English to wait for … you absolutely need this for there. You can’t say “I wait the bus.” or “I wait to the bus.”. Nope, it needs to be for.
German and English are full of these combinations, but sadly the prepositions used don’t line up.
It’s to wait for, but warten auf.
And learning this stuff takes a lot of time and exposure to the language.
But that doesn’t mean that there’s no point in practicing.
So today,  we’ll practice some of the most common verb-preposition combos in everyday contexts… and not only that!

German Cases Exercise – Masculine

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to our
brain wrecking, cramp inducing, no mercy having German summer boot camp.
Yup, that’s a thing now :)!
Last week, we got sweaty over the question how to translate before and after and this week, we’ll take on one of everyone’s favorite grammar topics:


And we’ll do something a little bit unusual, something that is kind of rare to find but that I think might be really helpful… we’ll eliminate gender from the equation.

“vor” or “bevor” and more – A big Exercise

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German intensive summer boot camp.
Yeah, I know. You didn’t want this. You just wanted to relax, read a bit about a word, some examples, some history, some dumb jokes. But nope. Today it’s your turn.
So put on your sweatpants and get ready for a hefty work out about

Time Words

Or to be a little more specific

bevor or vor  and other tricky words

Mixing up vor and bevor and also davor is a really common mistake; for beginners as well as advanced learners. And it’s the same story for nach, danach and nachdem.
Today, we’ll train exactly that… when to use which.

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