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Practice German Cases – Neuter

Hello everyone,

at least if you live in the northern hemisphere, you might look out the window into the gray November weather and reminisce about summer. The long days, the balmy warmth, the beers, the flirts and of course the German is Easy Summer Bootcamp and its brain wreckingly hard exercises. Those were the days, right.
Well, I have good news because today, we’ll kind of do a German Summer Camp reunion. Hooray!!
If you were there, you’ll remember that we tried out a new type of exercise for practicing cases. One where we focused on one gender at a time to take that stuff out of the equation.
In summer, we did one for feminine and for masculine. Today, we’ll do an exercise for

Cases for Neuter

Here’s a quick overview of how it works…

False Friends Explained – “Fabrik vs. fabric”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of the awesome OEPY-series called False Friends Explained.
What’s OEPY, you wonder… it’s short for One Episode Per Year. Because that’s how this series goes at this point. That’s right. No one cares about false friends.
But today, because it’s Slowevember after all, it’s time for a new instalment. Hooray.
As usual, we’ll not only explore how the false friends actually translate, but we’ll also explore what made them false friends to begin with. Or in other words, which language is to blame for the confusion.
So are you ready for a look at

fabric and Fabrik

Then let’s jump right in.

The Best Podcast Ever

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our announcement of the day, which is

I have made a Podcast

Now you’re all going crazy like:
“Oh my Gaaaawd, Emanuel is doing a podcast!!! Finally we don’t have to read anymore. Not reading is sooo much better than reading.”
But nope. It’s not MY podcast :).
I was guest in the Easy German podcast. You know… the best Coco Chanel for learners.
Now you’re like:
“Oh my Gaaaawd, Easy German is doing a podcast!!!”

Yes, they flippin’ are.

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Word of the Day – “rühren”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time, with a quick summer look at the meaning of



The origin is the exceedingly ancient Indo-European root *k̑erə- . The core idea of this root was “mixing together” with one of the main contexts being the mixing of ingredients of food. Mammoth stew with wild forest mushrooms for instance… hmmmmm. That was a good dish, I can tell you that.
A lot has changed since then. Mammoths emigrated to space, we put a man on a moon and we talk to our computer. But one of the things that hasn’t changed is, we still eat. And rühren is still what we do, if we want to mix it.