Anja’s German Learning Series – Season 2 is OUT

** EDIT: Sale has ended **

Hello everyone,

just a quick one today, because time is kind of of the essence :).
A few months ago, I told you about a new German “course” by Anja form the Youtube channel Learn German With Anja.
The reason I put “course” in quotes is that it’s actually more like a comedy series that is setup specifically for German learners, and at least if you like videos and quirky humor, I think it might be a good option.

If you want to read my detailed review, you can find that here:

Anja’s Learning Comedy Series – My review

The reason I am writing this today is:

They just released season 2

The story lines of season 1 get continued, but while season 1 focused on vocabulary and grammar of the A1 level, season 2 is now for level A2.

The basics are the same – again, you’ll get 20 modules with 3 short videos each, complete with subtitles and practice material.

And again, just like in season one they decided to set it up as a 10 week challenge, because… uh… uh… well… apparently courses sell better if you make them “limited”.
You do have lifetime access anyway, so no pressure, you can enjoy summer and take it easy. You can work through it in your own time and do it again and again.

The thing is, because they have decided to do this “challenge” model, the sale will only run till Sunday and then close until they decide to open it again. Which they will do at some point of course, but they also told me that the price is going to go up then, because… I don’t know… inflation or whatever. It’s how marketing works, I guess.

Anyway, so … if you liked the idea but you passed on season 1 because you felt like you’re too advanced, or if you haven’t heard about this before but you’re interested, you can check out the details here:


Anja’s Course – Landingpage
(Combined for both seasons)

Or if you want to buy directly, you can do that here:

One time Payment (297 Euro)

Three installments (116 Euro x 3)

With this you can buy ONE of the two seasons (your choice), and you can then buy the other one for a good discount. Oh and these are affiliate links, so I get a kickback for referring you, too.

Have you taken Season 1 of the course?

Now, I know that some of you already took season 1.

I’m sure Anja’s team will have told you about season 2 already, but just in case you missed it – you can get season 2 for a special deal!
Please send me an email ( with your email address and I’ll send you the link for the discounted price.

And also… if you have taken season 1, I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could share your impressions with all of us. Because YOU are the ones actually learning German, and your thoughts are more “relevant” than mine.

So yeah, if you have taken the first season, please let me and your fellow learners know how you liked it.
Was it worth it?

Would you recommend it? 

Please be honest and don’t hold back. Thank you in advance :).

Last but not least

Because I don’t have a discount for you this time, and also because it’s much more fun, I have decided to give away ONE season to one of you.
All you need to do to enter the competition is leave a comment and tell me who your favorite German Youtuber or Instagrammer or TikToker is and why.
I’ll then pick a winner on Sunday :).

Oh and since the course is quite expensive, if you have the funds to pay for it, please don’t partake in the competition, and give a chance to people who can’t afford this kind of money.
Vielen lieben Dank!

So yeah, that’s it for today.
Let me know if you have any questions or if you need help with anything, let me know.
Have a great day and I’ll see you very soon with a new (very silly) article :)

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21 days ago

(Please don’t enter me in the competition, as I think I might have just about cleared A2 now.) Lots of love for Easy German in here, which is well justified, but it’d be good to hear what other resources on youtube/instagram etc that people are enjoying using.

I’m actually digging the old-school vibe of Rocking German Grammar at the moment, and I have also enjoyed some of the videos made by Sprakuko Deutsch lernen, particularly the *less* formal ones. Other than that, fröhlich Deutsch is also well worth spending some time with, even if things have gone a bit quiet there of late.

Instagram’s a bit of a shitshow for language learning (for me), as everything’s so oriented toward grabbing your attention before you flick on by to the next story, or looking to push you elsewhere to get the full story. Nature of the beast, I guess… And pushing further in that direction, I only ever see things from TikTok via their strangulated appearance on Instagram or Youtube. Not ideal, but even from that limited exposure it’s abundantly clear that TikTok schmeckt mir nicht.

23 days ago

Mathias Haas from Easy German is quite fun, of course the rest of the team is great too.

21 days ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Ja, das ist richtig! Ich liebe auch Cari von Easy German, aber ich liebe auch den Humor und die Präsentation von Isi und Mitch von Super Easy German! Es macht immer wieder Spaß, sie zu beobachten!

19 days ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Uau! I’m am so happy you made my day. I can’t wait to try Anja’s new A2 course. Yep Mathias is the Austrian guy. He has a kind of Ricky Gervais attitude while asking on the streets, is a contagious smile, fun to watch.

25 days ago

Kari (Easy German)

25 days ago

Hallo Emanuel, ‘Deutsch lernen mit Anja“ sieht super aus. Mein liebstes deutsches Youtube bisher ist ‘Easy German with Cari and Manuel’. Ich mochte Caris lustige Persönlichkeit vom ersten Mal an, als ich sie sah, und ich denke, sie ist eine gute Lehrerin.

Francesca Greenoak
23 days ago
Reply to  Emanuel