Advent Calendar 8 – Among Us

Written By: Emanuel Updated: November 30, 2020

Among us

Hello everyone

welcome back to our epic Advent Calendar, day 8.
And at least the gamers among you might have an inkling what we’ll do today.
Because today, we’ll play a little round of

Who’s the Imposter

It’s one of our traditional quizzes in the Advent Calendar and I really like this one.
Here’s how it works:

I’ll give you four words and you’ll have to find out which one DOES NOT belong to the group.
And it’s not really about the meaning but about one aspect of their use or their grammar.
Like… take these four words as an example:

  • Bier
  • Wein
  • Arbeit
  • lustig

Beer, wine and funny often go together at the bar, so we could argue that Arbeit is the misfit here. But this stuff is NOT what you should look for. Instead, the imposter is lustig because that is an adjective and the other three are nouns.

Yes, it’s a little more dry than going by meaning, but there’s also less room for opinion :). I hate this about intelligence tests, when they do these type of questions because I always feel like there’s more than one possibility.

Now, I’ve tried my best to avoid ambiguous questions but I’ve most likely overlooked some options.
So if you feel like your answer to a question should count, then just leave a comment.

The questions are getting more and more difficult as you progress and I can almost guarantee you that you won’t get all of them right.
Let me know how you did on the wall of shame….uhm…  I mean the comments.
You’ll get a reasoning for each answer, so what really matters is that you understand why that solution makes sense.
If it doesn’t then just let me know and I’ll clear it up.
And now viel Spaß mit dem Quizz :)

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