Advent Calender 1 – The Rise of Calender

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 16, 2019

The Rise of Calender

Hi ihr lieben

the very final Star Wars movie is going to come out soon but no one actually cares because… it’s this time of the year again… December. And that means it’s time for our

Absolutely Epic German Learning
Advent Calender

Many of you have probably around last year already but for those who are now… in December I’ll post a new article every single day (give or take) with a nice little treat for German learners. Sometimes it’s a word, sometimes some grammar, sometimes a little riddle, sometimes a game and sometimes a cool little learning resource.

This is the fifth year already, actually, and there are a lot of little pearls that were really hard to find. Until now, that is. Because the treat for today is… a calender archive.

Link: Advent Calender 2015 – 2018 Archive


I’ll also put it in the menu, but for now use this link.
You’ll find all the links to the calender entries of the last years. I used the calender titles, which are quite cryptic puns, so you can’t really tell what’s behind the door, but that’s the idea of an Advent Calender anyway :).

Oh and like always, the calender is completely free, so even if you’re not a member, you can come every day and see the posts.

So yeah… enjoy the look back and look forward to what’s to come. I’m happy to do this again, and I hope you all “join in” regularly.
Have a great first Advent and bis morgen.

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