Advent Calendar 23 – Win-ter

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 15, 2020


Hallo ihr lieben,

day 23 of the Advent Calendar, pretty much the grand finale.
And today, we’ll put the win back in winter.
And I know what you’re thinking now. You’re like “Sure, Emanuel… just like a few days ago when you said that we can win a Play Station … SOMEWHERE.”
But no… this time I am serious. You can really win something here – a book called

Intuitive Vocabulary

Sounds good, right?
Intuitive Vocabulary, by Azzan Yadin-Israel, is basically a collection of all kinds of word relations between German and English. And there are more than we think.
And it’s not a new book and I’ve actually written a review about it back in 2013 or so. But then I kind of forgot about it until recently one of you mentioned it in the comments and I was a like “Wait, that’s a REALLY great learning tool, especially for those who dig etymology.”
Since back then, the author has actually made a second edition with a few changes to the structure and the layout.
Still, it’s not perfect in terms of usability and layout. Like… in the paperback version without a search function it’s not easy to quickly look up a specific word.
But the content as a whole is an absolute goldmine.
Like… there are sooooooo many cool relations between German and English and it can definitely help you grow your vocabulary.

If you want more details about you, you can check out my review here:

Intuitive Vocabulary – My (old) review 
(please do NOT comment there to win!!!)

And if you want to have a look into the second edition, here’s the Amazon link (links to, not .de) :

Intuitive Vocabulary on Amazon

And if you’re now like:
“Hmmm… this sounds awesome. Might be really helpful”
then perfect because you can win it!

I’m giving away 3 copies of “Intuitive vocabulary”
(hard copy or e-book… your choice)

Here’s what you have to do:

   Leave a comment telling the person who will comment
after you why their year 2021 will be amazing. 

You can do it in German or English or Denglish, whatever you feel like.
And I’ll randomly pick three winners later on, after a few days. So don’t worry if you’re late. As long as I haven’t said here that it’s closed, you still have a chance :).

So yeah… really looking forward to your wish-chain.
Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow :)


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