Advent Calendar 1 – Not great but it’s a start

Written By: Emanuel Updated: November 29, 2023

“Not great, but it’s a start”



Hello everyone,

Today, is the first of December, and that means…. welcome to a new season of the long awaited, absolutely epic, one of a kind German Learning Advent Calendar.

Oh …. oh no… I, I hit the wrong button… uh…. the uhm absolutely epic, one of a kind German Learn Advent Calendar.


Yeah, this was the right one.
The calendar is back in its 9th season this year and as always it’s going to be absolutely epic – a German learning Adventure Calendar so to speak.

Many of you already know the yearly Advent Calendar for for those of you who are new, or who don’t know what an Advent Calendar is because they don’t celebrate Christmas, here’s how it works.

From now till the 24th, I’ll post a little treat for German learners. That can be a small vocabulary lesson, a quiz, a tool recommendation, a little present or some other interesting stuff.

You’ll get the link as an email in your inbox every day, too, so you don’t need to remember to check here.
But I’ll also put the Calendar up on the homepage so you can access all the days without searching… I mean… you can access all the days that are open already ;)

And as usual, the Advent Calendar posts are free. So even if you don’t have a membership, you can read all of them without restriction.
Because …. Christmas.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably start with some vocab, or maybe a quiz… I haven’t decided yet.’
But yeah, I wish you all lots of fun with the calendar and I’m happy to virtually share Advent season with you again this year. And to get us all in the right mood, here it is.
THAT song.
In 24 styles. Enjoy :)




By the way, if you’re still looking for Christmas presents for NEXT year, check out my Kickstarter for the German Prefix Verb Card game… the campaign is already a success but it runs till January, so if you want to join you still can here:

German Prefix Verbs – The Game (Kickstarter)

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