Advent Calendar 12 – “Halftime Show”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 9, 2020

Halftime Show

Hallo ihr lieben,

day 12 of our epic Advent Calendar. That means, we’ve done half the journey and that means it’s time for a really epic

Halftime Show

And because Cardi B. and Ed Sheeran cancelled last minute, we’ll just have an epic load of ADS.
And I want YOU to run them.
Now you’re of course like “Whaaaaat?” so here’s what’s really going on:

Many of you have probably noticed it but didn’t want to hurt my feelings so you didn’t say anything but….

My link page sucks!

I haven’t updated it since the 80s and it really shows. Several links are broken, the layout is awful and there are not very many cool links in that cool link sections.
I am gonna do an update on that soon and I have some ideas of what to put there, but there are loads of apps and sites out there and I can’t check them all, so I’d really love your input as well:

If you know an app or a website or a Youtube channel or a book
that you think is really helpful, please share it in the comments.


I’m really curious to see what you are using and if there’s some common ones besides Duolingo… which most of you have had contact with, I bet.
So yeah, if you know something that YOU think is USEFUL, please share it with  a short description what they offer and WHY you think it’s a great tool and I’ll then compile that into a nice looking Link-Page next year.

Now, most if not all of you are now of course like “Boooh, those are recommendations, not ads. Worst halftime show ever!!”

And you’re of course right. It’s not a proper halftime show without at least one actual ad.
So… I present to you my Etsy store:

Emanuel’s Eye – My Etsy Store

And here’s a little preview of what I do:

They look like paintings, but they’re actually photography. I’ve been doing photography pretty much since I was a child and in recent years, I especially love exploring the hidden, surreal worlds that can be found in seemingly boring images of nature.

I also do more “normal” photography, but for now I focus on these abstract images.
I sell them as digital image so you’d have to print them yourself, but at least in Germany you can do that in many drug stores in pretty good quality.
So yeah… if you like one of them and you still need a Christmas present for someone – why not a picture. And I have a sale going on, so it’s a REALLY good deal.

But please… no pity buying !!!! Only if you really like one :).
Oh, and if you buy, please leave me a review, that really helps a great deal actually.

So… that was enough ad, I think. Can’t wait for your resource suggestions, have a great day, and bis morgen.

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