German Adjective Endings – For Beginners


Hello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of the YourDailyGerman grammar. And today, we’ll start looking at

German Adjective Endings 

Sounds boring.
Can be boring.
But doesn’t have to be boring.
It doesn’t even have to be difficult.

You see, the way adjective endings are usually taught and learned is by using tables.
Which… I mean…  it’s not like tables are wrong.
They just suck.
They’re not especially inspiring, not fun and applying this in daily life not very intuitive.

And there’s an even bigger problem. To pick the right answer from a table, we’d need to know the right gender AND the right case.
So yeah…
*cue happy folk guitar music
That’s why here are YourDailyGerman, we don’t believe in tables and I have come up with a new system to master adjective endings that is free range, grass fed and 100 % table free.

YourDailyGerman – Intuitive, Sustainable, Organic Grammar™

” Because your German is wörs it”

Seriously though, I really do have an approach to learning adjective endings that’s very intuitive and kind of follows the 80/20 rule. So we get 80% of the results with just 20% of the effort. And yes, I do mean 80% in a test, as well.
My system for adjective endings can be divided into three levels.

Level 1 will get you up to 50%-60% and the important thing is… it’s WITHOUT any grammar. No gender, no cases, no tables, no nothing. because it’s solely based on… nah, not going to spoil it :).
But yeah, you can do that as an absolute beginner, no problem.
Level 2 will then get us up to roughly 80% correct choices and again… we’re not going to need tables. All we need now is our intuition. You do need to have a little bit of sprachgefühl for German already, but it’s still pretty easy.
Level 3 finally will take us all the way to 100% but that’s where all the theory is, so you can totally skip that until you’re B2.

Anyway, today, we’ll start with level one, and before that, I’ll also give you a quick introduction on adjective endings in general.
If you want to skip it, that’s totally fine, but hey… what’s the rush.

So, if you’re ready, then let’s jump right in.

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