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Written By: Emanuel Updated: July 11, 2016

Hello everyone

and welcome to the blog with the most nichtssagend title ever :).
Like anyone is like…  “Oh, a couple of things, that’s exactly what I was waiting for. ”
But title shmitle… I just couldn’t think of anything better. There are just a couple of things I wanted to talk about.
And the first one is a big, fat, huuuuuge, colorful

D A N K E S C H Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö N !!!!!

What for?
For all your donations!!!! There are a few coming in every month, which is awesome, but in October you really knocked it out of the park because:

It was actually enough to pay my rent… and get a few beers!!!

The things is… I know that the articles here are far from perfect, often too long and full of mistakes sometimes; but this blog is a part time job for me by now with about 15  hours weekly. I want it to grow and do more things but it needs to pay in some way. But at the same time, I don’t want to exclude anyone. It might not be many of you but I know that there are people for whom some 5 bucks subscription fee really would make all the difference and I really don’t like the idea of being like “No, you can’t read that because you’re too poor”. I mean… we’re not talking about caviar and fast cars here, we’re talking about educating yourself. And that’s a thing that should be available to everyone, period. It’s best for the whole society. What? Oh… that’s right Donald Trump… I’m a god damn socialist :).
Seriously though, I just think that “pay what you can afford” is a really great model in theory. And in October, you guys showed that it could work in practice. I can’t even tell you how happy that made me. Sincerely… thank you!
And if you’re now like
“I get it. Where do I need to go” … Here are the two options: You can send me a one time payment through Paypal (no login required), you can make it reoccurring or you can become my patron on Patreon.com… basically another way to support this on a monthly basis.


EDIT… membership model now :)

Oh and don’t think a dollar doesn’t cut it. It does. One man’s dollar is the other man’s 100. And if everyone reading this were to give a dollar I would have 98 solid Dollars… meh, a little more probably :).
Now, October didn’t only make me very happy… it also means that I have to work less on my day job (I’m a sort of bar manager, in case you’re wondering) and it was very motivating.
All right. Moving on.

Layout ideas

The second thing I wanted to talk about is the blog itself. I’m about to move to a new host that’ll give me more flexibility and I’m thinking about some sort of a redesign because I’ll have more options for layout and functionality. And I figured  you guys are the ones who know best what you want. So my question is…

  • Do you have any suggestions or wishes for the design or for functionality?

Stuff like a search function, or a less wide layout, or a wider layout or a different font, or more colors, or even lesserer colors, some cat pictures… you name it. So if there’s something where you’ve been like “Oh man, I wish the blog had XYZ” let me know.
And that’s already it. This was our look at a couple of things. 
By the way… if you’re wondering whatever happened with the language school review I was talking about a few weeks ago… well, I took all those great ideas from your comments and drew up a questionnaire.  Here it is (consider it a draft):

I think it wound up pretty tough, I think.Like.. if you’re a language school, you really need to think about your answers. I’ve sent it to them a few days ago and I haven’t from them since. So let’s hope we didn’t scare them away :).
Anyway, that’s all for today. Vote for which sucker-word you want to read about and let me know if you have any wishes for the blog’s layout and again… thank you for all your support.
Bis in ein paar Tagen.

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