"Grammar-May Special 3- Infinitive"

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Hi ihr lieben,

Grammai Folge drei,
seid ihr dabei?
Ich würde mich freuen,
also schaut mal rein,
und wir gucken,
was könnte der Infinitiv sein :)

Grammay Episode Three,
are you in?
I'd be happy,
so check it out,
and we'll look at
what the infinitive might be

Ps.: This time, I'm actually linking to the dictionary directly. The plan is that you eventually can look up any important grammar term there. And of course all important German words.
I'm at 5.100 right now, and I'll take it up all the way to 10.000 :).
All with examples, audio and useful usage notes.
If you have any feedback about the dictionary... all feedback is welcome.