Frohes neues Jahr

to all of you. I wish you a great, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, inspiring 2013 with whatever you hope or wish for coming true…
and to those who’s year didn’t end yesterday… have a just great continuation of whatever year you have right now :)

This is not gonna be a real article… I just wanted to say thanks for all your support. It is really great to read your comments all the time, its great to see your questions and it’s great to see your perspective on language… oh,  and it also is great when you correct my mistakes for free  hehehe….

I don’t really have a planned out list of what I am going to do when, but here is a little update of what’s to come:

  • German Sentence Structure Mini series
  • German Past tense Mini series
  • German Place Mini series
  • the missing post of the time mini series (oh god, I will procrastinate that)
  • German prefixes explained

In the grammar jargon section I am planning to talk about complement, adverb and Partizipialkonstruktion… the last one is a German Advanced thing you need to know for the C1 test… it sounds scary but it is as simple as all the rest of this language.
And then, as for the Word of the Day we will do the following

  • schon, kaum, eben, wohl, noch, mal, allerdings

and many many many many more and I am thinking about adding a section to the page but I won’t tell you what it is… and I will add it as a private page so no one of you can see it, guahhahahahahhaha, you will never know how awesome this new page is and I will have it all to myself and not share it (except for on facebook of course)…
so… keep your dial tuned on – the blog with the explanations of some things

(I know…  I am working on a better catch phrase)
I had an incredibly exhausting weekend and off to bed I go… good night.. oh and have fun back at work or at school tomorrow  …

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9 years ago

Happy new year!

Looking forward to what’s coming!

9 years ago

Hehe. This is funny. And I’m writing in English so I can say correctly exactly what I want. I want every single of your listed Words of the Day. And I would love to have the prefixes explained. The versprechen post was an eye-opener; I would like to study about them some more. And yeah, I am selfish and all, but I do make a data point in the gigantic sample of people who are learning German. :D

And learning a language is fun! But only till you don’t forget your previous ones. My pronunciations in English are getting weird by the day and I have officially forgotten how to do capitalization in English… don’t worry, I won’t stop stalking this blog. :D

Oh, yes… happy new year! May you get a lottery ticket flying in your face on your way home for all the effort you do for us here.

9 years ago

This blog is great. Thanks and keep up the good work. Happy New Year!