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Word of the Day – “sonst”

sonst-pictureHello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day and today we’ll take a look at the meaning of:

sonst (pron.: zonst)

And be it in the smallest of all talks, at the  fruitest of all stands at the farmers market or in the momest of all “do-your-homework-or-no-TV”s, sonst is certainly there and does its small word magic. What that? Oh… momest is weird you say? It is not a even a word you say…  well,  I have one word for you: minivan.… uh… actually uh… it’s not the word that matters but the link.
So …. sonst is an important word, it is all over the place so it deserves no less than the explanast of all nations, an explanation that is even more in-depth than Lehmann Brothers right before it collap… oh wait…  that was in debt…  Anyway… let’s start with sonst, shall we?

If you look up sonst in a dictionary you’ll most likely find else as the main translation. This is correct but  sonst can also be used as usually, before or besides and I have heard from quite a few people that they find sonst rather hard to grasp. Maybe a look at the origins can clear things up a little.
There are 2 different hypopota… hypothem… uh… ideas as to where the word  comes from. One really makes a lot of sense and helps a great deal at understanding the meaning of sonst …. Continue reading