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Word of the Day – “zwar”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day and today we’ll have a look at the meaning of:



And just as it can happen in a real German class, so it can happen here:  an unannounced quiz… hooray. But unless you’re a tuna you won’t be graded… badum tish.
So… Which if the following origin stories of zwar is correct:

  1. it comes from the Polish word zwał that means pile
  2. it is a mumbled, contracted version of zu wahre which means something like to the truth
  3. it is the short version of this sentence German adolescent boys say all the time “zu wenig Arsch” (“not enough butt”)

Have you picked your mate… I mean made your pick? Cool. Now I’ll tell you the meaning and then you can reconsider :)
So here is what zwar does…  Continue reading