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Word of the Day – “irgend”

irgend-pictureHello everyone,

and welcome to our little photo technique blog. Yes, that’s what you came here for, remember? Neat little tricks and hacks on how to make the best pictures ever. So… have you ever tried taking a photo in dim conditions? Like… at night, with your eyes closed, or in an economy in recession…  hey … hey is there tumble weed passing by? Why is there tumble weed passing… oh…. ohhhhh, because it wasn’t funny, I get it… anyway… Where was I … ah right. So, unless you have had one of those eye-sight damaging flashes, your picture has probably turned out in 50 shades of dark gr… what’s that…  tumble weed? AGAIN??…I guess I’ll close the door real quick, hold on … (door shuts)Soooo… the reason for your picture being dark is that they are under exposed… and THAT just so happens to also the explanation if you have never heard or seen the word irgend in German.
So, the word irgend is everywhere and I think I use it more than 10 times per day. But it is not just common it is also confusing for many, so today we’ll take a comprehensive look at the meaning of:

irgend (pron.: urghent/earghent)

Of course we’ll explore the origin, talk about the easy words like irgendwann or irgendwo but we’ll also find out about the differences between etwas and  irgendetwas and jemand and irgendjemand. Quite a lot to do so let’s dive right in, shall we? Awesome…
Irgend is actually not a word of it’s own… at least for the most part. It is more of a prefix but not for verbs, and I guess I’m not giving away too much if I tell you right away that it means something like some. Continue reading