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German Word of the Day – “der Ohrwurm”

Hello everyone,ein Ohrwurm

and welcome to our German Word of the Day:

der Ohrwurm (pron.: or vooam)

The first translation for Ohrwurm that came to my mind while writing this text was “Umbrella”. Yes. “Umbrella”. Or to be more precise “Umbe-rella ella ella eh eh eh…” … yeah you know that song from that one singer with that other smash hit. Other possible translations for Ohrwurm (at least to me) would be “Yellow submarine”, “Barbie Girl”, “Like a virgin”, “Thriller” and many many many many more and the music industry has a lot of smart people spending their days to slap out new ones.

So have you figured out the real English translation yet? No? Well no need to feel bad, because English does not have a word for this.   Continue reading