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der, die, das – how can I learn German gender… like… ever

german-gender-learning-pictHello everyone,

and welcome… uh… here. Today is not going to be a Word of the Day, neither will I discuss grammar issues other things. A few days ago a user posted a comment explaining a method for learning the German noun gender… you know.. linguists call it the “der, die, das – thing”… so…I started reading the comment and I thought
“… lalala gotta check my Facebook next, maybe there’ll be someth… wait … wait…  this is great… this is such a good idea… oh man, best gender learning advice ever!”
The method the user suggested seems so cool and useful to me that I finally decided to share it with all of you and I’ll add some other tricks that I know of.

So… German Gender is one of the things that frustrates learners right from the get go. The average human being has one gender… maybe 2.But 3? That would be really confusing. But German doesn’t care. German boasts its 3 genders and shows no sign whatsoever of dropping one. But the biggest problem is actually that the grammatical gender of something has NOTHING to do with what it is and also it has NOTHING to do with the grammatical gender of the Roman languages. They call the sun masculine and the moon feminine. In German, the sun is feminine and the moon masculine. To me, the sun is a “she”. “She” shines. “She” goes nova. When I speak French, I use the masculine form and say “le soleil” but that is purely mechanical; in my head it is still a lady. It always will be. Having a guy up there all of a sudden would be quite a change of my view of the world… like… you’re cat walking up to you and saying
“Hey uhm… I don’t like tuna, FYI”
and you sit there completely baffled and ask yourself ‘Did my cat really just say FYI ?’.
Anyway.. the whole point of this is that whether it is der, die or das is random for the most part and if you didn’t absorb it during your childhood, you’ll just have to learn it… and by  just I mean: painfully slowly despite investing an immense amount of time and energy and st… what’s that? Oh you want to get the tips already??… sure, no problem :) Continue reading