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Word of the Day- “mal” – part 2

Uh…Hi… welcome back….
So…originally I had no plans to make that into 2 posts. But this part ended up being so long that the entire article would have been more than 5000 words. God damn, 5000 words just to explain one word. That sounds so absurd. But then again, mal is not just some word. Mal is like: “I am mal, bitch!” And everyone’s just like “Oh no, there is mal, it’s so tough… no one can explain it.” Well, we’ll see … or should I say mal sehen… uh… no… I probably shouldn’t because we haven’t talked about this yet. But we will :).
So… in the first part we talked about the origins of mal and the somewhat normal mal as in einmal zweimal and so on. If you haven’t read that part, click right here and read it first please:

And now let’s get to what’s actually interesting… the particle mal, the all over the place mal, the “once don’t make no sense” –mal … and we’ll talk about all those combinations like noch mal, schon mal, erst mal and so on… so are you ready? Great. Continue reading