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German Word of the Day – “neugierig”

kid is neugierigHi everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we will look at the meaning of:

neugierig (pron.: noi gearick)

Neugierig is a good example for one of Ger-Mans superpowers. He can fuse words together and create a new word. What other superpowers does German have? He can make really long sentences, which are impossible to comprehend without making a mind map (oh I hate that word… damn consultants jargon). I think he made some really good translations of Goethe that captured the linguistical finesse and poetry of the original text… what? Oh… was he? Oh crap… I didn’t know that… well whatever, this is Particle Physics 101 after all. It’s not?  Oh… uhm… well…

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