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The Verb 2 – The Special Ones

conjugating german verbsHello everyone,

and welcome to the 3rd part of the German-is-easy Online Course.

In the last post we have talked about how to conjugate pretty much any verb in German… except for 7 special ones and these are the ones we are going to deal with today. And without any further ado
here they are:

Sooo…  what exactly makes them so “special”? Well first of all they are all REALLY important words to know. You will need them all the time and you mustn’t think anymore when using them… they must become like extensions of your body,  you have to become one with these verbs. This is the only way to ever become a master in German…. oh and what also merits them a separate article is the fact that they conjugate differently and share other special characteristics regarding the grammar. Continue reading