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Words of the Day – “eben… and gerade”

eben-geradeHello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we will have a look at the meaning of


and the meaning of


Wait what? Eben AND gerade? Both of them together?!?! This is so much madness it’s not even Sparta anymore.
I mean, both these words are in the top ten of the “German Words that Piss Me Off”-charts of students. So is it really a good idea to talk about them together?
The answer is: maybe.
I … I mean, yes! Hell yeah.
Why? Well, because not only are their normal meanings kind of close. Also their crazy meanings are. In fact, they’re often synonyms. And the … uh… “logic” behind their crazy meanings is the same. You cannot really talk about eben without automatically also explaining gerade. So we might just as well do it in one go. Well, two go-s because this is gonna be a two-parter.
What we’ll do today is take a look the “normal” side of both words, see where they come from and what they have to do with each other. Then we’ll find out a crucial twist to their meanings and then we’ll stop right when it gets interesting. Just like a TV Show. Or that date I had recently. So… are you ready to get lead on and then let down? Perfect. Continue reading

Sentence Structure Work Out – “bevor, nachdem, danach…”

german-bevor-danach-exercisHello everyone,

I hope you’re all fit and well rested because this week it is more than time to give our German language muscles a little work out. As last time we’ll focus on the word order and sentence structure core, and this time we’ll focus on one very important muscle in particular:  the timeceps.
You might have guessed it. Today’s exercise is all about:

Talking about the order of events

So let’s put on our sport’s pants, get out our sport’s pens and dive right in. Continue reading

A couple of things

Hello everyone

and welcome to the blog with the most nichtssagend title ever :).
Like anyone is like…  “Oh, a couple of things, that’s exactly what I was waiting for. ”
But title shmitle… I just couldn’t think of anything better. There are just a couple of things I wanted to talk about.
And the first one is a big, fat, huuuuuge, colorful Continue reading

Prefix Verbs Explained – “ausgehen”

ausgehen-rausgehen-meaningHello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of our series about German prefix verbs – this time with a look at the meaning of


Just like Engish out  the German aus has the following two somewhat independent core ideas: outside-ness and off-ness. Today, we’ll see both of them in action and we’ll actually see that they’re not all that far apart.
Let’s start with the idea of off-nessAusgehen with the off-aus is the German verb for to turn off.  Well, we should say to turn off by itself because ausgehen does NOT work for you turning off something.  Continue reading

False Friends Explained – 1

eventually-eventuell-false-Hello everyone,

and welcome to a brand new mini series. Or should I say YET another mini series… seriously, I feel like, we got quite a few seriesseses here :).
Anyway, the new one is all about

false friends

There are a lot of false friends between German and English and some of them can actually lead to real misunderstandings. So I thought, let’s have a look at some of them every once in a while. But of course we’ll not just check what they mean, what the misunderstanding is and how to avoid it. We’ll also explore WHY they became false friends to begin with – or in other words:

Who screwed up? 

German or English? Who’s the true meaning mangler? Yeah, I hear many are screaming “German”… but who knows. So what do you say… does it sound rad? Great, then let’s roll ;)
Continue reading