Word of the Day – “melden”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day.
And today, we’ll take a look at one of those weird under-the-radar words.
You know… the ones you never really notice until you’re made aware of them. And then you start seeing them everywhere.
Kind of like opportunities. Or the beauty of small things. Or your coworker’s pee-markings on your desk… I mean, no one likes snitches, and marking your own desk is one thing – but marking half the office?
Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a look at the meaning of



Melden looks fairly similar to melting and moulding but neither one is remotely related. In fact, melden is one of those verbs that doesn’t really have an English relative anymore. At least none that I could think of or dig up.

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German Main Sentences 2 – The Beginning and the End

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the second part of our look at the basics of

German Sentence Structure

And because that sounds very boring and dry, we’ll from now on call it

“The Tao of Sen”

In the first part (find it here), we took a brief look at sentences in general and then focused on the struct… I mean Tao of main sentences.
Here it is again:

We then talked about the “verb second” and that’s where we left off.
Today, we’ll explore the other important positions, namely the first position and the end of the sentence.
And in part three, in the extra long season finale, we’ll then finally talk about side sentences, see what they are, learn a really intuitive hack why their structure makes sense AND we’ll find out one of the deepest, mind-bendingest and most surprising insights about the German language (and that you already know if you’re a long time reader ;)).
So yeah… the last episode is top notch. But the one of today isn’t bad either. You know… one of those bori... I mean slow mid-season episodes.
By the way, I desperately need series recommendations for the coming winter, so if you have suggestions, leave them in the comments.
But now, are you ready to jump back into the “Tao of Sen“?
Then let’s go.

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Word of the Day – “die Eile”

Hello  everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day.
And this is the perfect episode if you don’t have much time but you still want to learn some German because today, we’ll take a look at the meaning of

die Eile


And not only will it be a super quick look. It’s also right on topic, because Eile is the German word for hurry.

Now, if I  asked you if those two words were related you’d probably be like “Nah, they look too different.”. And you’d be right, because they’re not.
The English relatives that Eile does have, however… well… they look even more unrelatederer.

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Word of the Day – “bieten”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time, with a look at the meaning of



And that verb really has a lot to … ahem offer. Because not only does it literally mean to offer, you also get a whole bundle of really cool fascinating related words and prefix versions. And I can promise you that much: even if you are absolutely crushing it at German and you think you’ve seen it all, there will be a couple of surprises for you there.
And to top it all of, you’ll also learn about the origin of the family, which features a very very very very enlightened member.
So are you ready to jump in?
Great then let’s go.

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